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Cochlear Implant

Accomodations at: Home and School

Programs: Speech, Oral, and Mainstreamed

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General Information

Types of School Accommodations:

  • Auditory Trainers- which both the students and teacher wear  (set at a level which is beneficial for the student)
  • Hearing Aids
  • Circular seating, if this is not possible deaf or hard of hearing students should sit in the front row to ensure visibility of both the teacher and the interpreter
  • Extra time to finish tests and/or assignments
  • When viewing a movie it must have subtitles or closed captioning
  • TTY available to the student incase he/she needs to call for an emergency
  • Special smoke detectors which are louder and have a flashing light
  • Directions read or explained
  • Additional examples (for understanding language of questions)
  • Frequent breaks
  • Minimal distractions
  • Listening sections repeated or signed




*Any accomodations will be noted in the students IEP (Individualized Education Program)