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Deaf Childrens Books


Deaf Child Crossing by Marlee Matlin (2004)
The Smart Princess and Other Deaf Tales by Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (2006)
I’m Deaf and It’s Okay (A Concept Book) by Lorraine Aseltine, Evelyn Mueller, and Nancy Tait (1986)
I Have a Sister—My Sister Is Deaf by Jeanne Whilehouse (1984)
The Deaf Musicians by Peter Seeger, Paul Dubois Jacobs, and R. Gregory Christie (2006)
Moses Goes to School by Isaac Millman (2006)
Prudence Parker and A Sign of Friendship by Christine Burk and Lora Riethmeier (2000)
Can You Hear a Rainbow? : The Story of a Deaf Boy Named Chris by Jamee Riggio Heilan and Nicola Simmonds (2002)
T4 a Novel by Ann Clare Lezotte (2008)
Dad and Me in the Morning by Patricia Lakin and Robert C. Steele (1994)
Some Kids Are Deaf (Understanding Differences) by Patricia Lakin and Robert C. Steele (1994)
I Am Deaf (Live and Learn) by Jennifer Moore- Mallinos and Marta Fabrega (2009)
Nobody’s Perfect by Maree Mateen and Doug Cooney (2007)
Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father by Richard Medugno  (1999)
She Touched the World: Laura Bridgman, Deaf –Blind Pioneer by Sally Hobart Alexander and Robert Alexander
Communicating with the Deaf by Oliver Bosman (2001)
What does it mean to be Deaf? By Louise Spilsbury (2002)
Children’s Sign Dictionary: For Deaf and Hearing Children by Beverly School and David Hodgson (1999)
The Deaf-Blind Baby: A Program of Care by Peggy Freeman (2004)
Helen Keller: Lighting the Way for the Blind and Deaf (People to Know) by Carin T. Ford  (2001)


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