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Famous Deaf People

Helen Keller
Keller is perhaps the best-known deaf blind person ever.


William Castle
He was the vice president of RIT/Director of the National Institute for the Deaf in the 1980s.
Laurent Clerc
He was perhaps the most important deaf man in history.
Dr. Richard Orin Cornett
A look at the career of Dr. Richard Orin Cornett, the developer of cued speech.
Andrew Foster
The first deaf African-American Gallaudet graduate and founder of schools for the deaf in Africa.
Thomas H. Gallaudet
The hearing man for whom Gallaudet University is named. Thomas Gallaudet was honored on a postage stamp.
I. King Jordan
The first deaf president of Gallaudet University


Linda Bove
A respected deaf actress
Amy Ecklund
Ecklund is a deaf actress who received a cochlear implant.
Lou Ferrigno
A bodybuilder and actor with hearing loss
Phyllis Frelich
One of the most respected deaf actresses
Heather Whitestone McCallum
She was the first -- and maybe the only -- deaf Miss America.


Kelby Brick
Profile of deaf leader Kelby Brick


Laura C. Redden Searing
She was perhaps the first deaf woman journalist.
Julius Wiggins
Founder of Silent News


Juliette Low
The founder of the Girl Scouts in America.
Rocky Stone
Founder of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) which is now Hearing Loss Association of America.


Shelley Beattie
A successful deaf bodybuilder
James "Deaf" Burke
He was a boxer in the 19th century.
Dummy Hoy
A deaf baseball player who has yet to make it into the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Terrence Parkin
Swimming in the pool in the summer is my favorite summertime activity. Terrence Parkin is a deaf man who not only likes to swim, but made a name for himself doing it.
Curtis Pride
A contemporary baseball player who is deaf.
Kenny Walker
For awhile, he was a professional deaf football player.

Sudden Deafness

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh experienced sudden deafness.


Alexander Graham Bell
Going beyond the telephone, the hearing Bell was an active member of the deaf community.
Vinton Cerf
The "father of the Internet" happens to be hard of hearing.
Thomas Edison
This historic inventor had a hearing loss.


Erastus Smith
The only deaf man known to have an entire county named after him.


Connie Briscoe
It isn't often that I get the chance to interview an author as well known as Connie Briscoe, a deaf African American.
Raymond Luczak
Luczak is a contemporary deaf writer. He has written poems, plays, and novels.
Stevie Platt
Platt is a contemporary novelist who includes deaf characters in his stories.