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Unit I
Parts of Speech Continued:
Nouns and Pronouns Quiz 2 Answer Key

Directions: In the sentences below, you have underlined all nouns and put parentheses around all pronouns; then, in the space provided below the sentence, identified the underlined pronoun(s) as personal, relative, interrogative, demonstrative, indefinite, reflexive, or intensive. Check your answers now. Now check your answers with those below. If you missed an item and do not understand why, click on the hyper-text (in blue) to go to the part of the lesson that covers that point of grammar. Use your browser "back" button to return to this page.

1. (I) asked Rollo (what) would happen if (he) pushed the wrong button.

I is a personal pronoun. What is relative; he is personal.


2. (Something) should be done about that bottleneck at the intersection.

Something is indefinite. That is not a pronoun; it is a demonstrative adjective.


3. (One) (who) has no faith in (himself) can't expect the trust of (others).

One is indefinite. Who is relative. Himself is reflexive; others is indefinite.


4. (Which) of these novels have (you) read?

Which is interrogative, and you is personal.


5. (Both) of (them) knew (that) (this) would be their last meeting.

Both is indefinite. Them is personal. that is relative. This is demonstrative. Their is a possessive adjective, not a pronoun.


6. The problem sounded simple to the commissioners, but (they) could not solve (it).

They and it are personal.


7. When (everybody) in the barnyard refused to help, the Little Red Hen did (everything) (herself).

Everybody and everything are indefinite. Herself is intensive.


8. (Many) of the students did not know (that) the class had been canceled.

Many is indefinite; that is relative.


9. (Who) do (you) think is the best candidate?

Who is interrogative; you is personal.


10. (Most) of the pecans are gone, but (we) found (these) under the tree.

Most is indefinite. We is personal; these is demonstrative.


Consult "Nouns and Pronouns" on your Student Page for further study if you scored less than 80% on this exercise.


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