Post-test: Traditional English Grammar
Answer Key

Here is a quick reference key to the answers.

1-7  	abdcbdd
8-10 	cac
11-15 	abbca
16-20 	caaab

DIRECTIONS 1-7: The correct part of speech is italicized and in red.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
1. The professor likes to wear ties to school. a. noun b. verb c. pronoun d. adjective 2. However the students do not always like his color choices. a. verb b. adverb c. adjective d. conjunction 3. Who picks them out for him? a. noun b. verb c. interjection d. pronoun 4. Students see these bright orange ties all day, but the teacher sees
them only in the mirror. a. adjective b. conjunction c. verb d. adverb 5. Before class, they all put on their sunglasses. a. conjunction b. preposition c. adverb d. adjective

6. Someone must be giving him these horrid ties. a. conjunction b. preposition c. adverb d. adjective

7. Maybe it's someone with a sense of humor. a. noun b. verb c. interjection d. pronoun

DIRECTIONS 8-10: The correct sentence is italicized and indicated in red.

8. 9. 10.
8 . a. He has sat the boxes on the table. b. I hope he sits the boxes on the table. c. Please set the boxes on the table. 9. a. I surely hope that this is a really good movie. b. You should see Shakespeare in Love; it's a real good movie. c. When we went to the movie last week, the popcorn was real good, but the movie wasn't. 10. a. I found the lost book laying behind the sofa. b. The decorator sit the tall lamp on the mahogany table. c. I did not notice the letter lying by the mailbox. DIRECTIONS 11-15: The correct function is italicized and in red.
11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
11. Most students like grammar. a. direct object b. objective complement c. indirect object d. subjective complement 12. They give their teacher their undivided attention. a. objective complement b. indirect object c. subjective complement d. direct object 13. Also, they ask for more homework than their poor teacher can grade. a. retained object b. subject c. direct object d. subjective complement 14. They will read every book the teacher recommends. a. predicate adjective b. predicate noun c. direct object d. objective complement 15. The teacher is a dreamer, if he thinks this is a true story. a. predicate noun b. direct object c. objective complement d. predicate adjective DIRECTIONS 16-20: The correct sentence is italicized and in red.
16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
16. a. Some of the cake have been eaten. b. Many of the students in my class has already signed up for cheerleader tryouts. c. Neither Igor nor his friend has elected to take the course. 17. a. Mary as well as Clara washed her own clothes. b. Everyone is supposed to attend the Christmas concert if they possibly can. c. Each one of the frightened horses neighed, got to their feet, and ran. 18. a. In their English class the students analyzed the program which they had heard over the radio. b. I did not even buy a season ticket, which was very disloyal to my school. c. He answered every question which surprised the teacher. 19. a. The solution to the city's traffic problems is certain to require long study. b. Please tell him to meet John and I at the movie. c. The only fruit on the market now are peaches. 20. a. Could it be her? b. The Girl Scout leader said, "OK girls, when I give the signal, I want everyone to yell her loudest." c. Please keep this information just between you and I.

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