Pre-test Key: Traditional English Grammar

(Correct answers are enclosed in brackets [ ]. This test is to measure your awareness of grammatical terms and rules prior to the start of Traditional English Grammar. Your score does not reflect on your ability. It is only an indicator of strengths and weaknesses in your command of prescriptive English grammar. There will be a similar post-test at the end of the course to measure progress.

Here is a quick reference key to the answers.
Individual test items are marked in brackets.

1-5  	abdcb
6-10 	caabb
11-15 	abbcd
16-20 	accaa

DIRECTIONS 1-5: Identify the part of speech of the italicized word.

1. Most students think tests are a bore.
	[a. noun] 	b. verb 	c. pronoun 	d. adjective

2. However there are a few things about tests that students 
   do not know.
	a.	verb 	[b. adverb] 	c. adjective	 d. conjunction

3. Who do they suppose makes the tests out?
	a.	noun 	b. verb 	c. interjection   [d. pronoun]

4. Students take only one test, but the poor teachers have to 
   grade all of them.
	a.	adjective 	b. conjunction 	[c. verb]     d. adverb

5. After all, elves don't come in and do them.
	a.	conjunction 	[b. preposition] 	c. adverb    d. adjective

DIRECTIONS 6-10: Select the sentence which is correct.

6 .	a. 	He finally has lain all his cards on the table.
	b.	Finally, he lay all his cards on the table.
	[c.]	He laid all his cards on the table, finally.

7.      [ a.]   I  surely do think Mr. Humphries is a really good teacher.
	b.	You should read Arrowsmith; it's a real good book.
	c.	When we went to the game last week, the weather was real 

8.	[a. ]	I found the lost book lying behind the sofa.
	b.	The decorator sat the tall lamp on the mahogany table.
	c.	I did not notice the letter laying by the mailbox.

9.	a.	It was a real fine performance of Gypsy.
	[b.]	The boat towing the skier is moving too slowly.
	c.	With his ankles taped tight, the quarterback was able to 
		play Saturday.

10.	a.      He laid his end of the stretcher down and run to his friend.
	[b.]	Set the first aid kit here.
	c.	Without a compass, he had lead them directly to the place 
		where John had fallen.

DIRECTIONS 11-15:	Identify the function of the italicized word(s).

11. Most dogs like playing fetch.
	[a. direct object] b. objective complement c. indirect object 	
	d. subjective complement

12. They give their owners lots of love.
	a. objective complement  [b. indirect object]  
	c. subjective complement d. direct object

13. Also, they pooh on the floor sometimes.
	a. retained object [b. subject] c. direct object 
	d. subjective complement

14. They will destroy whatever they can find.
	a.  predicate adjective    b. predicate noun    [c. direct object ]   
	d. objective complement

15. My puppy is utterly worthless, but I wouldn't part with him for  
    anything in the world.
	a. predicate noun b. direct object c. objective complement  
	[d. predicate adjective]

DIRECTIONS 16-20:  Indicate the correct sentence.

16. 	[a.]  Some of the senior class has already signed up for cheerleader 
	b.  Some of the senior class  have already signed up for cheerleader 
   	c.  Neither Igor nor his friend have elected to take the course.

17. 	a.  Mary as well as Clara washed their own clothes.
	b.  Everyone is supposed to attend the Christmas concert if they 
	    possibly can.
	[c.]  Every one of the frightened horses neighed, got to its feet, 
	    and ran.

18.	a. They analyzed the program in their English class which they had 
	   heard over the radio.
	b. I did not even buy a season ticket, which was very disloyal to 
	   my school.
	[c.] He answered every question that the teacher asked.

19.	[a.] The solution to the city's traffic problems is certain to 
	   require long study.
	b. Please keep this information between you and I.
	c. The only fruit on the market now are peaches.

20.	[a.] Could it be she?
	b. When he gives the signal, everyone yell their loudest.
	c. Nearly everybody has some worthless souvenirs which they would 
	   not willingly part with.

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