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Unit One, Quiz 2 Answer Key
(Prepositions and Conjunctions)

Directions: You have underlined all prepositions and placed parentheses around all (conjunctions) Now check your answers with those below. If you missed an item and do not understand why, click on the hyper-text (in blue) to go to the part of the lesson that covers that point of grammar. Use your browser "back" button to return to this page.


  1. Throughout the day the weather will become increasingly cold (and) windy.

  3. After that brilliant performance the actor was sure that he would win an Oscar.
  4. That in this sentence is a relative pronoun.


  5. (After) the attack was over, most of the soldiers in Company B felt (neither) brave (nor) secure.

  6. This use of after differs from the use in # 2 because it joins the clause "the attack was over" to the rest of the sentence.


  7. (Unless) the law is changed, (both) men (and) women will have to register.
    This sentence illustrates the use of the correlative conjunctions both . . . and.


  9. Because of the ice storm, electrical wires all over the county were down.
    There are a number of two and three word prepositions, such as in addition to, together with, along side of.

  11. Everybody but Sitting Bull stood up (and) cheered.
    The word but in this case means "except." The word up in this sentence is part of a verb-adverb combination and not a preposition.

  13. The people in that neighborhood are poor (but) generous.

  15. Were you driving beyond the speed limit (when) the patrolman stopped you?
    The word when joins the clause " the patrolman stopped you" to the rest of the sentence.


  17. According to recent reports prices are still going up.
    Up does not have a noun or pronoun object, so it is not a preposition.

  19. (If ) Igor remains in Walla Walla (or) moves to Pago Pago, Prunella will be happy.

If is a subordinating conjunction.


Consult "Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections" for further study if you scored less than 80% on this exercise.


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