"S" Ending Test

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In the sentences below there are some errors in the use of final -S (including 'S or ' ). When you spot these errors in the sentences, write the correct form of the word (or words) in the blank spaces provided. You may print this form to take the test or just read the screen and write the answers on your own paper.


1. I put several plant on my window sill to see if they would grow some flower.


2. Paul used Alan bike without his permission.


3. She do the shopping for the whole family.


4. Harlan had too many problem to deal with in such a short time.


5. All the secretaries typewriters were broken, so yesterdays' mail didn't get answered.


6. John ask good questions, but he don't always get good answers.


7. She had to take four separate test for her job application.


8. It was a matter of two hour work to polish the car.


9. Whenever Irma try to study, her sister turn on the radio.


. 10. The girl was nine year old, but she was taller than her two older cousin.


11. Marks track record was the fastest ever recorded in the teams history.


12. Benny have three girl friends, but somehow he always manage to keep them apart.

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(The text of this page and the contents of the taped lecture were adapted from the audio-tutorial program, The -S Marker in Writing by Muriel Harris, Director of the Writing Lab at Purdue University.Copyright ©1981 by Instructional Systems--USED WITH PERMISSION OF THE PUBLISHER. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This page may be duplicated by educational institutions or individuals for non-commercial instructional use.)

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