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  • Lesson Plans and Activities for teachers of Adults in English as a Second Language

  • Double Demons: 100 Diabolic Pairs in English
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    Traditional English Grammar is a serious program for serious students. The three-part program covers the nuts and bolts of English grammar more thoroughly, perhaps, than three-fourths of college English classes. It is ideal for the adult who wants to brush up on grammar and usage or even the teacher who wants a comprehensive review. Advanced ESL students will find it challenging and rewarding.

    Traditional English Grammar has been adapted from Grammar and Composition by Aubrey Kline, et. al. (Raleigh, NC: Contemporary Publishing Company, 1981) Authors who contributed to the original college textbook include Evelyn Mitchell, Sallie Duhling, Sue Lucht, Charles McMichael, Thomas Nunnally, Earl Payne, Art Stanley, and Sue Lucht.

    The program is written in HTML which means that it can be read on your internet browser (Netscape 3.0 or higher or Microsoft Explorer 3.0 or higher) off-line or while you are on the internet. There are sound files that add to the multimedia quality of the program. Also, when you are connected to the internet, there are links to other helpful programs in English that can be accessed with just a click of the mouse.

    The lessons in Part One follow the logical progress from parts of speech and parts of the sentence through agreement, reference and case, paving the way for Part Two, dealing with phrases, clauses, major sentence errors and effective sentences. Part Three deals with the nitty-gritty of punctuation and mechanics, logical subordination, and diction. Part One was released in July, 1999 on diskette and in September on CD-ROM. Parts Two and Three will be ready in early 2000. The entire program will be available on CD-ROM at that time. In the meantime, Part One can also be ordered as as a ZIP file for overseas convenience and for those without CD-ROM capabilities or for other platforms.

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