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Pronoun Reference quiz Answer Key

1. "Walden Two" succeeded because they received enthusiastic support from the academic community.


2. Gertrude Stein visited with Mrs. Ernest Hemingway while she was a free lance writer in Madrid.


3. The ordinary assembly line worker is now well-compensated for his labors, but they have not been able to conquer the monotony of the work.

4. They tell you that you must revise your themes, but most of the time you do not know how to do this.


5. Medical service has not improved much in the last five years though it has gone up in cost.


6. Most people are searching for a quick, easy way to get rich; this is why they are disappointed.


7. Before July 1, most companies have prepared a new fiscal budget which is the deadline.

8. Physicians usually charge their patients a standard fee unless they are poverty stricken.


9. The public speaker is usually enthusiastically received, but it is difficult to earn a living by it.



10. To be a successful chemist, you must learn the periodic tables.



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