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Unit I
Parts of Speech Continued:
Verb Quiz 1 Answer Key

Directions: You have underlined the verb and in the space provided below the sentence, identified the verb as transitive active, transitive passive, intransitive linking, or intransitive complete and given the tense of the verb. Now check your answers with those below. If you missed an item and do not understand why, click on the hyper-text (in blue) to go to the part of the lesson that covers that point of grammar. Use your browser "back" button to return to this page.


Example: You will be rewarded for that good deed.

Transitive passive, future.


1. The clerk made ten sales in one hour.
Transitive active, past tense.


2. The prisoner was given a harsh sentence because of the nature of his crime.

Transitive passive, past tense. (Who was given? Given what?)


3. The ship remained in the harbor during the night.

Intransitive linking, past tense. (same as "The ship was in the harbor . . .")


4. Despite their disagreements, they were friends.

Intransitive linking, past tense.


5. Before the end of the quarter, I had finished all the required reading.

Transitive active, past perfect tense.


6. During my stay in Washington, I became quite familiar with the Smithsonian Museum.

Intransitive linking, past tense ("became"=was).


7. Jamestown was settled in 1607 by the English.

Transitive passive, past tense.


8. The clock had stopped at 11:45.

Intransitive complete, past perfect tense. (There is no receiver of the action, so the verb is intransitive.)


9. Because of so many errors, I do not consider this composition acceptable.

"Not" is an adverb; the verb is transitive active (receiver is "composition"), present tense ("do").

10. Do you feel safe on that dark street at midnight?

Intransitive linking, present tense. ("Do you feel?" = "Are you?")


Consult Unit 1, Verbs for further study if you scored less than 80% on this exercise. You may want to use the browser's printer to print this page for your records.


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