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Unit I
Parts of Speech Continued:
Verb Quiz 2 Answer Key

Directions: You have underlined the verb and in the space provided below the sentence, identified the verb as transitive active, transitive passive, intransitive linking, or intransitive complete and given the tense of the verb. Now check your answers with those below. If you missed an item and do not understand why, click on the hyper-text (in blue) to go to the part of the lesson that covers that point of grammar. Use your browser "back" button to return to this page.

Example: You will be rewarded for that good deed. (trans. passive, future)

1. The audience applauded the ballerina's performance.

transitive active, past


2. The audience had been applauding enthusiastically for fifteen minutes.

intransitive complete, (no receiver of the action), present perfect progressive ("-ing" form)


3. Lacy has been offered a job in the new motorcycle plant.

transitive passive, present perfect


4. The haunted house stays vacant most of the time.

intransitive linking, present (You can substitute "is" as in "The haunted house is vacant most of the time.")

5. The optimist will expect to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

transitive active, future (the receiver of the action "expect" is the phrase "to find a pot of gold."


6. That driver has collided three times with the same garbage truck.

intransitive complete, present perfect. (There is no receiver of the action.)


7. The Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

transitive active, past


8. Unnoticed by passing motorists, the car lay in the ravine for a year.

intransitive complete (no receiver), past (of lie) or click here for more.


9. The reporter was unwilling to divulge the source of his information.

intransitive linking, past


10. Are you going home after your last class?

intransitive complete, present progressive "are going")

Consult Chapter One for further study if you scored less than 80% on this exercise.

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