Asa K. Aguilar


I am a Designer. My work is mindful. I look to create an emotional and personal relation to the audience through my designs.

I find often to meet this goal design must connect with its audience on a personal or emotional level. I believe design is focused around marks. The idea of making a mark and letting your existence be known is a powerful thing. To make yourself known is a natural human desire. By connecting to this element in my designs, I find it adds a personal and more human relation to my work.

Logos are the first mark that is seen and what needs to be remembered. From there, it leads to the entire identity. To create an identity for someone is crucial. Dieter Ram stated to do “as little design as possible.” Practicing this theory, my designs are able to stand strong. I also look to designers such as Stefan Sagmeister for inspiration. His reasoning as to using his handwriting to be more connected to his work is something I find bold in a world filled with millions of anonymous typefaces.

My work connects my theories of design. My interests lie in logo and identity design and the uses of handwriting. My designs are strongly conceptual. Often coming about after extensive research. I achieve my designs though my color composition, illustration and iconography. In this way my work is elegant, only creating what is needed and allowing it to stand out.




heart HEART

Design is much more than just a job to me; it is a way of life. The world of design that I live in is where things make the most sense and it is most freeing. You can make statements, call to attention and express pure emotions that will reach and effect masses. I find myself at home doing the things I love and I hope to make a career out of it.

I look to designers such as Stefan Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh, Reza Abedini, and Dieter Rams. In my designs I look to use the core principles established by Rams while still employing the emotion and reliability that Sagmeister, Walsh and Abedini convey.

Sagmeister & Walsh
Reza Abedini
Dieter Ram

hand HANDS

Design is in everything and can be created from anything. I find working and being familiar with as many materials as possible is valuable. Within my sculptures, I work in many mediums such as wood, metals, soft sculpture and anything that comes my way. In the creation of marks on a page or canvas I work in both traditional and nontraditional mediums. I find in having this as a background I can come up with unique solutions to my graphic design work.

 Stomach STOMACH

Food had to be included in this section for the sole purpose that I love food. I’ll repeat that. I love food – growing, cooking, baking and eating, I love it all. Experimenting with different flavor combinations and trying anything I can is one of my favorite things to do. Mexican food holds a special place in my stomach because of my upbringing, but pizza is high up there too.

feet FEET

El Paso has been my home for most of my life but recently I was able to study abroad in Rome, Italy. The time I spent there opened my mind and changed my life. I have the wanderlust bug now and hope to see and experience even more.




The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree
Expected graduation date: December 2016

Major: Studio Art - Graphic Design
Double Minor: Ceramics and Art History
Current GPA: 3.75

Summer abroad John Cabot University, Rome Italy, Summer of 2015


Alpha Lambda Delta
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Alpha Chi
Sigma Alpha Lambda
University Honors House
Treasure of Sculpture Collective on Campus


“Salon Des Refuses“ - UTEP Department of Art, 2015
“Las Chupacabras “ - UTEP Department of Art, 2015


Academic Scholarship

Dean’s List :

Fall 2012
Spring 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2014
Fall 2014
Spring 2015



El Paso, TX 2013
Worked the arts and craft station for children Lead children in different activities featured each week.


Marfa, TX, October 2014
Chinati Open House Weekend Volunteer
Assisted Chinati Foundation staff with visitor services, gallery guard duties, and museum education


10080 Chick-a-Dee El Paso, Tx 79924, Winter of 2014
Painted a mural for the opening of the Library.


Innovative Learning Spaces Creative and Design Team Lead

Spring of 2013- Present
Responsible for leadership role of a student creative and design team. Designed and presented logos, flyers, marketing materials for a wide variety of educational technology products and services. Created marketing campaigns for new products and services. Drove the design of creative outreach projects such as, but not limited to: mixed media interactive displays, the look and feel of a wide variety of web portals, the creation of technology camp materials including, but not limited to: T-shirt design, pamphlets and other print materials, as well as logos and designs that revolve around theming to a content area.


Adobe icons
Knowledge of HTML and CSS
Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
International travel experience throughout Italy



Typography Posters
Utep Department of Theatre and Dance

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