girl saying hello

Hello, I'm Ana.

First of all, I’m a mix of Mexican and American culture, having grown up in the El Paso–Juarez border area. First I lived in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and then I moved to the United States. On a daily basis, I find myself switching from Spanish to English in practically every other sentence and eating Taco Bell and homemade beans from one meal to the next.

Besides being a product of a dual culture, I’m a product of today’s visual culture. I am deeply infatuated with visual material—everything from obsessing over embossed text on a magazine to drooling over the perfectly crafted worlds in Wes Anderson movies. When it comes to my interests, I truly never developed past the age of 6, maybe 7. On a day off, you can find me curled up in bed with my cat, a stuffed animal, and a cup of coffee, watching something like Bob’s Burgers or Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Thankfully, as a designer and an artist, I can say that I have more maturity than a 6 year old. When it comes to design, I believe in creating something unique, interesting, and fitting every time a new project comes around. Most of all, I believe in being obsessed with every little part of a project. I often do hand‐drawn lettering and doodles. My sketchbook is filled with the same drawing, drawn a hundred times over until I deem it perfect. As they say, art imitates life and life imitates art, so this visual obsession is reflected in my daily life. You can often see me with a perfectly matched outfit (I mean something like pink socks with ruffles that match my pink backpack), a carefully‐picked water bottle, and a beautifully embossed sketch book.