poster of an exhibition of Luba Lukova in El Paso

I was invited to design a poster for the campaign Posters for Nepal which is to be on sale at All proceeds to benefit UNICEF and the American Red Cross. I visited Nepal with friends in the summer of 1999. That trip has such special, magical memories to me that when I heard of the devastating earthquake that hit there in April of 2015, in many of the same areas that I had visited, I was heartbroken. I recall the beautiful, friendly people we met there and their resilience in both a tough climate and tough economic circumstances. I knew they would rebuild and that if I could do a small part as a

designer to create a poster to help, I certainly would. Depicted in my design is a 17th century deity from Nepalese Buddhism, a form of Hevajra seen among the rubble ruins of the earthquake embracing his consort Vajrasrinkhala. Despite looking very wrathful, Hevajra symbolizes great compassion. It also makes reference to the irreplaceable, fragile ancient artifacts and carvings that were destroyed in the quake. So, I am using the image here in a way to show that from this wrathful-looking earthquake shall come deep compassion that we must show the survivors in helping them to rebuild their country.