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Meeting Schedule:

Literature:  W @ 4 pm, CCSB 2.0610

Research:  Sat @ 9.5 am, CCSB 2.0610

Price of Admission: Free (doughnuts and burritos accepted)




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Research in the Fortier laboratory is largely driven by fundamental scientific and chemical curiosity in the basic sciences – particularly in the area of molecular inorganic chemistry.  

The group's research activities focus on “pushing the envelope” by examining the chemistry of metals in unusually low oxidations states and in unusual coordination environments.  From this work, we have made new discoveries with implications towards traditionally challenging reactions such as C-H activation chemistry.  Other research interests include the activation of small molecules as well as tackling energy related problems using photoactive metal complexes.

The Fortier laboratory is especially adept in the synthesis, purification, crystallization, handling, and characterization of air and water sensitive molecules and paramagnetic complexes.

We welcome new ideas and fresh perspectives.  All are invited to attend.

The group meets twice a week to discuss, dissect, and debate new literature and share research progress in the laboratory.

***All undergraduates interested in joining the Fortier Laboratory must first regularly attend both meetings prior to consideration.

Please take a moment to browse the Science Studio archive, a weekly aired discussion of the ever progressing world of science hosted by our very own Drs. Keith Pannell and Russell Chianelli.

The Science Studio archive is impressive and diverse. Please take some time to checkout the Chemistry archive as it features interviews with many, many renowned chemists.


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