Alfredo Urzúa

Department of Languages & Linguistics

The University of Texas at El Paso


I was first introduced to the field of Applied Linguistics as an English language teacher in Mexico, my native country, where I taught for several years at the college level. I then obtained an M.A. degree in TESOL/Applied Linguistics from the University of California in Los Angeles and returned to Mexico to work as a full-time professor at the Universidad de Guadalajara. After several years there, I continue my graduate studies and obtained a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Northern Arizona.  Since then, I have taught courses and conducted research in TESOL/Applied Linguistics in various institutions in Mexico and the US, including the University of Guadalajara, ITESO, Old Dominion University, and the University of Texas at El Paso.

My teaching usually includes graduate and undergraduate courses in TESOL methodology, second language acquisition, discourse analysis, aspects of English, and second language reading & writing.  My research interests focus on issues related to second language learning and teacher education, language use in academic settings, and bilingual/heritage language development.  At the University of Guadalajara, I served as the Director of the Reading English for Science and Technology program, and as Chair of the Department of Modern Languages.  At present, I teach in the BA and MA in Linguistics at UTEP, and I’m also the Director of the ESOL program.

Background & interests