One-Handed Activities (Week 1 Activity)

With this activity you must have one hand behind your back and use only the opposite hand to do the following activities and vise versa. For example you will place your left hand behind your back(lean on hand it if you have to) and with your right hand you will do the activities for the column that says "right hand." If it says "timed event" have someone time you and record the time on this worksheet. Please follow all additional directions in parentheses.

                         Right Hand                                                    Left Hand 
Eating with a fork (any trouble? answer yes/no)

Name writing (write full name)

Cursive writing write the words "vocabulary" "within" "complete" for each hand

Unbutton a shirt (4 buttons and its timed)

Unbutton blue jean pants (timed event)

Type a complete sentence on a computer saying "Hello, how are? Call me soon!" (timed event)

Use a screwdriver to tighten something (explain any trouble you have)

**Kick a ball **Use right and left feet**(soccer, basketball, football, etc.)
Explain what happened, did it go straight or curve from each foot?
Was it difficult?

Draw the image below with each hand separately (have someone hold down the paper for you)


 Cut out the shapes as best you can with only one hand (have someone hold down the paper for you so you may cut)










Candace Priegel