My Discourse Communities: Juliana Quintana

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Discourse Community #1 : Facebook Discourse Community #2 : SDLM Discourse Community   #3 : Uñas Salon y Mas
Goals & Values Online communication with friends and family  A social community Religious teachings & spiritual and personal growth Work
Typical Genres
  •  Wall, picture, status, etc.. comments
  • Bible
  • Sermons
  • Hymns
  • Notes
  • Inventory
  • Appointments
Norms of Genres No illegal or inappropriate publications No disrespect Business related issues only

Writers' tasks & roles Online social group Religious growth Work & assign work

In our English class, we have defined the concept of a “discourse community” as a social group that communicates, in part, using written texts, but also shares common goals, values, writing standards, specialized vocabulary, and specialized genres. As we discussed in class discourse communities can be being on a sports team, being a member of a club, even where you work is also a type of discourse community. So for the discourse community map I have chosen 3 discourse communities I have been in or that I am still in; Facebook, SDLM, which stands for a church called El Señor de la Misericordia, and my old job at Uñas Salon y Mas.

The first community I chose was Facebook. Facebook is an online community in which you can communicate with friends and meet new people. To be a member a Facebook, first you have to make an account which is very simple, all you have to do is put your name, date of birth, gender, and email address. Once you make your account you can start looking for your friends and add them to your friend’s list, by doing this you will be able to comment their status and pictures and you will also be able to write on their walls. You can do many more things on Facebook besides that, you can add pictures and tag your friends, you can play games and compete against your friends, you can be invited to different events that are going on by your friends, and you can also send your friends bumper stickers and other funky things that you can post on their profile. Over all I think Facebook is a very fun way to communicate not only with friends but also with family. It’s an online community that doesn’t have a formal way of writing because you can write how and whatever you want, you can write in English, Spanish, French, German or in any language you want.

The second community I’m going to talk about is SDLM, which is as I already mentioned the abbreviation of a church. At this church I have participated in many discourse groups which mainly have the same purpose. I first started as an “oveja” which is a type of member that is barely starting their confirmation course; you have to be at least 16 years old so you can take the confirmation course, they  teach you about their faith and allow them to make the decision of actually confirming the faith their parents brought them up with. During this course we rarely wrote and if we did it was mainly informal. Once you’re done with your confirmation course you are invited to become a “pastor” which is the group of leaders that gave the confirmation course to the “ovejas.” Currently I’m in a different group which is known as “evangelización.” This group also deals with the same concept of the confirmation course but this group specializes on the retreat which is somewhat the most important part of the course. We usually go out to other churches and give retreats which would be the whole purpose of our group.

And my final discourse community is being an employee at a salon called Uñas Salon y Mas. To work here you have to speak Spanish since it is a salon in Chihuahua and you have to have some types of skills with hair or nails. At this salon I was the secretary, which meant I wrote down the appointments and charged any type of service given at the salon. I also once in a while helped the main stylist with straightening hair or curling it and other similar things. But as the secretary I also had to write a list of the inventory and what we had and what was needed.

So these where some of the discourse communities I have participated in. Some involving online communication, others dealing with spiritual or religious topics, and the last involved being employed. Over all I think I have a very diverse group of discourse communities which I like because they allow me to communicate, share and learn different things that may make me a better person and which in general are a part of me.