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Research Strategies – A General Approach 

1)                  Plan based on your time frame.  Ask yourself the question, “how much time do I have to get the materials I need?”  This is important to note because some document delivery services, such as Interlibrary Loan, can take up to two weeks or longer, so plan accordingly. 

2)                  Start off by finding out what’s easily available within the UTEP Library, either in printed format or in electronic format.  Check Nugget, the UTEP Library Catalog, along with any electronic databases relevant to your search.  Look for links to full text items, if available, but don’t overlook the fact that many items are still provided in printed format.  If you limit your searching to electronic full text items only, you will certainly miss many just as relevant and valuable printed resources.  Please don’t hesitate to ask at the Reference Desk for help if you’re not sure how to find something. 

3)                  If some of the items you need aren’t available in the UTEP Library, check other libraries in the immediate local area (i.e. within easy driving distance) to see if they can be obtained there.  Note that the UTEP Library has a reciprocal checkout agreement with both the NMSU & UACJ libraries: UTEP students, faculty, and staff can check books out at both NMSU & UACJ, and vice versa.  Links to other libraries may be found at http://libraryweb.utep.edu/db/otherlibs.cfm

4)                  In the event that some of the materials you need are available neither at the UTEP Library nor at other libraries in the immediate local area, you will have to order these via Interlibrary Loan or another document delivery service, if time permits.  A good resource for checking overall availability of Interlibrary Loan materials is the international database OCLC WorldCat (a link to this product appears on the “Other Libraries” web page above).  When looking for journals, remember to always double-check each library’s holdings for that title to verify that the volume/issue you need is, in fact, held by that library. 

5)                  If time or convenience are pressing factors, you may want to employ special strategies such as fee-based document delivery services or by networking with friends or colleagues at other universities to obtain your materials.  Fee-based document delivery services such as ingenta Connect may come in handy if you don’t have the luxury of time to wait for Interlibrary Loan.  Be sure to double-check for any rules or restrictions that may apply.  Some authors are most cooperative about sending out copies of article reprints, reports, and the like, upon request.  It’s a good way to practice networking with colleagues or peers in your field.

If you have questions or if you'd like to schedule a research consultation, contact: 


Lisa M. Borden, Electronic Resources Librarian

Chairperson: Electronic Resources Committee (ERC)

Subject Specialist: Communication/Women's Studies

Phone: (915) 747-6709

FAX: (915) 747-5327

E-Mail: lmborden@utep.edu









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