Louie Salazar


Louie Salazar screenprinting Born and raised in the city of El Paso, Texas is where I currently live. I presently attend the University of Texas at El Paso where I am pursuing a BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and minor in Printmaking. Currently I work at the El Paso Community College as a Lab Assistant in the Art Department.

My work finds a balance between fine art and street art with a heavy urban settings and music influence. The conceptual approach for my body of work comes from distributing my knowledge of hip hop through a visual compilation of images and techniques and inducing a head nodding vibe through the rhythm of color. Methods of the music genre are applied visually creating an embodiment of myself as a listener. The main focus of hip hop culture in my body of work is to be positive and have inspirational energies to keep the artwork as a force for creativity and love, expressing raw human emotion. I want to create a sense of nostalgia but at the same time give the viewer optimism and move forward.

Currently I have been gaining momentum in the El Paso art scene. I get involved in local and academic exhibitions when opportunity presents itself. Actively, I engage in community mural projects and art related volunteer opportunities. I feel a sense of personal responsibility to actively engage in the community environment and cultivate relationships while using art as a tool to empower youth.