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A good teacher is one who can teach a class of students and have successful learners every semester. But an exceptional teacher is one who can teach a class of different learners and have all succeed together. My teaching philosophy centers on providing the best learning enviornment for students with various learning styles. Being a teacher I provide the tools that help students understand new matierial. I set the enviorment that can provide understanding to those who are audio, visual, and tactile leaners all at the same time. If you came to my classroom, you would see students with all learning styles growing together. This is my personal challenge.

It is my passion to move students forward towards success. Each person learns in thier own unique way and it takes a patient, creative instructor to motivate and educate an entire class of multi-learners. In high school, I advanced in mathematics rather quickly and became a math tutor my junior year of high school. During my year of tutoring, I encountered students with many learning styles. It was difficult for me to tutor at first because the students that were coming in for the same lesson were not learning through my teaching style. What I discovered watching the other tutors was that they would explain the same problems but use different tactics for every student that would come in. That was the point that I realized not every student can see the problem the same way, I not only taught them, but I taught myself.

The opportunity for me to teach is the chance for me to open students minds and create a path they want to take in life. I hope that I can be the light and guide to thier success. Just like the mark the teachers have left on me during my path of success, I hope to someday be on my students as well.


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