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Common Idioms

Verb Tense Exercises




English Difficulties

Accept vs Except
Addition vs Edition
Affect vs Effect
Amused vs Bemused
Apostrophe s
Assure Ensure Insure
Bi- vs Semi-
Borrow, Lend, Loan
e.g. vs i.e.
Either and Neither
Everyday vs Every day
Farther vs Further
Fewer vs Less
Good vs Well
Hers vs Her's
I vs Me
I before E
If I would have...
Its vs It's
Lay vs Lie
Loose vs Lose
Me vs Myself s
Ours vs Our's
Than vs Then
Their, There, They're
Theirs vs Their's
To Too Two
Weather vs Whether
Who vs Whom
Who's vs Whose
Your vs You're
Yours vs Your's




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A, An and The

All about Adjectives

Adjective Order

Adverb Clauses

All Irregular Verbs with Translation in Spanish

American Classroom Customs


Common Errors in English

Count and Noncount Nouns

Direct & Indirect Speech

Direct & Indirect Speech "Wh" Questions

Either, Neither & Too

Either, Neither, Too & So

Gerunds vs. Infinitives

Handouts for Students & Teachers

How To Write A Five Page Essay

In, On, At

In, On, At Prepositions of Time

Like vs. As

Make and Do


Passive Voice

Past Progressive vs, Past Perfect

Possessive Nouns

Parts of Speech


Prepositions with Spanish Equivalents

Presentation Critique

Present Perfect with for/since

Present vs. Present  Progressive


Say vs. Tell  (Use of)

Say vs. Tell  (quiz)

So and Such

Study Guide for Making Questions

Subject/Object Questions

Suggested Topics for Presentations

They're, Their, and There

Time Clauses

Time Clauses Using Before, After, While and When

Too, Very, and So

Who vs. Whom


Quizzes & Exercises

Red, Black, and Blue Azar Book Quizzes

Azar Power Point Presentations

Adjective Clauses Quizzes (4 different quizzes)

Adverb Clauses Quiz

Another, Other, The Other  -

Another Quiz

Choose the Correct Sentence1

Choose the Correct Sentence 2

Comma Exercise 1

Comma Exercise 2

Direct & Indirect Speech Transformation Quiz

Indirect Speech Transformations

If Clauses

Like vs. As vs. As if

Make vs. Do


Modal Quiz 1

Modal Quiz 2

Modal Quiz 3

Modal Quiz 4

Perfect Modals 1

Perfect Modals 2

Should and Must


Noun Clauses

Passive Voice

Past vs. Past Progressive

Prepositions: In, on at

Present vs. Present Progressive

Present Perfect vs. Past

Present Perfect with Since and For


Various Self Study Quizzes

Modal Verb Tutorial

Modal Auxiliaries

Subject Verb Agreement

Too, Very or So?

Verb Tense Practice Test Cumulative Verb Tense Review

Verb Tense Final Test Cumulative Verb Tense Review




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