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Quick Reference Chart for

Comparatives & Superlatives


ONE Syllable Words

                                    Comparative (+ er)                             Superlative ( + est)

Old                              older                                                    the oldest

Cheap                         cheaper                                              the cheapest

Strong                         stronger                                              the strongest

Big                               bigger*                                               the biggest

Few (count)                  fewer                                                  the fewest

Hard                            harder                                                 the hardest

Fast                             faster                                                  the fastest

Late                             later*                                                   the latest


All Adjectives that end in “y”

                                    Comparative (change  y  to i  +  er)                 Superlative (change y to i + est)

Pretty                           prettier                                               the prettiest

Funny                          funnier                                                the funniest

Happy                          happier                                               the happiest

Lazy                            lazier                                                   the laziest


TWO or More Syllable Words:  except if they end in “y”

                                    Comparative (more + adj.)                    Superlative  (most + adj)

Famous                       more famous                                      the most famous

Casual                         more casual                                       the most casual

Useful                          more useful                                        the most useful

Formal                         more formal                                       the most formal


Important                     more important                                  the most important

Interesting                   more interesting                                 the most interesting

Beautiful                      more beautiful                                    the most beautiful

Expensive                   more expensive                                  the most expensive



Irregulars (memorize these)

                                    Comparative                                       Superlative

Good (adj.)                  better                                                   the best

Well (adv)                    better                                                  the best

Bad                              worse                                                 the worst

Far                               farther/ further                                    the farthest / the furthest


a  lot                            more                                                   the most

Much                           more                                                   the most

Many                            more                                                  the most


[a] little (non-count)        less                                                    least



Adverbs that end in “ly”

                                    Comparative (more + adv)                Superlative (most + adv)

Slowly                          more slowly                                       the most slowly

Quickly                        more quickly                                       the most quickly

Fluently                        more fluently                                      the most fluently

Carefully                      more carefully                                    the most carefully

Deliberately                 more deliberately                               the most deliberately


Exception to the rule above is the word early           

early                            earlier                                                  earliest

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