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Focus: Duration with Present Perfect Tense

 Examples: a. She has spoken English since she was a little girl.

                      b. They have been married for seventeen years.


  1. I______________ my car____________ three years.
  2. We____________ in the classroom_____________ ten o’clock.
  3. S/he___________ him/her secretly_____________ many years.
  1. He_________________ a great deal of money_____________ the day he was born. A great deal means much. The expression modifies only uncountable nouns: There is a great deal of money in his account.)
  2. My best friend______________ in New York____________ he was born.
  3. They_______________ a great deal of trouble with their car_____________ the day they bought it.
  4. The weather______________ beautiful_____________ the beginning of the month. We__________ sunshine_____________ almost three weeks.
  5. The President___________ in office___________ some years.
  6. Bill and his father___________ together in the same company_____________ more than ten years.
  7. Everyone________________ well_____________ the beginning of the course.
  8. Our little boy_______________ an infection in his ear___________ he went swimming in the lake a couple of weeks ago.
  9. I_______________ English____________ only a couple of years.
  10. My next-door neighbor_____________ very inactive_____________ she became ill.
  11. He____________ a great deal of trouble with his boss____________ he started working for the company.
  12. Betty Smith, a good friend of mine,___________ a very unhappy woman_____________ the death of her husband.
  13. My house plants_____________ much better___________ I fed them with a new kind of organic fertilizer.
  14. I________________ my best friend_____________ more than fifteen years.
  15. My parents_______________ their car____________ 1951. It has become an antique.
  16. We________________ in this room__________ about an hour and a half.

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