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Focus: Contrasting the Past Progressive  Tense with the Past Perfect Tense

Examples: a. When we got the theater the movie (a) was beginning (b) had begun.

                     b. When I got the garage, the mechanic  (a) was fixing (b) had fixed my car.


  1. When I got home my mother (a)__________(b)__________ dinner.

  2. When I woke up this morning, the sun (a)__________ (b)___________.

  3. When the doctor finally arrived, the patient (a)__________ (b)_________  ___________.

  4. When I went home yesterday afternoon, the sun (a)____________ (b)_________ ___________.

  5. When I  got to the station, the train (a)___________ (b)_____________.

  6. When I last saw the baby her crib, she (a)_________ (b)____________ to sleep.

  1. When his father got out of the army, the war (a)_____________ (b)___________

  1. When we got to the airport, our plane (a)____________ (b)___________ off.

  2. When I got  to the party, all of the guests (a)_____________ (b)__________.

  3. When I got back to the dormitory, my roommate (a)____________   (b)_________________ his homework.

  4. When I called Mary the other night, she (a)____________ (b)_________ to bed.

  5. When I first met their son, he (a)___________ (b)___________ to medical  school.

  6. When the bell rang, the teacher (a) ______________(b) ____________into the room.

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