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1) When_________________ the company?
have you joined
did you joined
have you ever joined
did you join

2) ________________ in Pakistan?
Have you ever worked
Did you ever worked
Worked you
Didn't you have worked

3) That's the best presentation__________________.
I never heard
I didn't hear
I've ever heard
I used to hear

4) He's the most difficult customer____________________.
I've never had to deal with
I've ever had to deal with
I never had to deal with
I never dealt with

5) ____________________ to him last week.
I've already spoken
I didn't spoke
I speaked
I spoke

6) _________________ a binding contract last year and it is still valid.
We have signed
We haven't signed
We signed
We have sign

7) The reason I look so brown is that_____________ from a business trip to Barbados.
I came back
I never came back
I come back
I've just come back

8) Sales_______________ in 1995 but then_____________ in 1996.
have risen, have fallen
rose, fell
rose, have fallen
rised, falled

9) You_________________ to a word_________________.
listened, I haven't said
haven't listened, I've said
didn't listen, I say
listened, saying

10) It's obvious that_____________________ this report.
you didn't read
you haven't read
you don't read
you read not