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Syllabus for TOEFL Prep Course for

English Language Institute (ELI)


 Miguel A. Contreras, Instructor



Course Objective:

The purpose of this intense course is to prepare you for the paper-based TOEFL exam and to further develop your ability to hear and understand, speak, read, and write English. Your primary goal will be to improve your test scores on the TOEFL exam.


Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: The Paper Test, 2003, Deborah Phillips, Pearson Education, Inc.


Standard 8 inch x 11 inch loose-leaf college ruled paper

English dictionary: Merriam-Webster Dictionary, paperback

 Classroom Policies:

Please attend class regularly, arrive on time, and participate in English. Complete all assignments and turn them in on the dates scheduled. No late work will be accepted for unexcused absences. Cell phones must be turned on silent mode in the classroom. You may not place or take calls during class.


You will take a full Diagnostic TOEFL exam the second Saturday of the session, (time to be announced). Latecomers will NOT be admitted to the test. Additionally, you will take partial TOEFL tests every other Saturday during the regular class periods. A final full TOEFL exam will be given on a date to be announced. There are no make-up tests for students who are absent on testing days.


There will be no grading in the formal sense, although I will keep track of percentages correct on your homework assignments. Your progress will be determined by comparing your scores on the Diagnostic and Final TOEFL exams.

The weeks ahead will be devoted to various material presented in the the text. We will begin work on all skills and especially work on the skills you are weak in.. We will work on Reading Skills during the entire session, and reading homework will be assigned on a weekly basis.


You have an entire week to do the reading homework. It is absolutely critical that you do a substantial amount of the reading homework every chance you get. You should work slowly and deliberately on the reading homework; study and think about the skills and concepts presented and try to apply them to the reading passages. You will encounter a lot of new vocabulary, and the only way you can improve your scores is by applying these concepts. Email your homework to me.


 Reading Homework Schedule

Subject to revision

 Week                              _____                           Reading___Pages


Week 1                                                            Skills 1-2-3 (pages 251-263)


Week 2                                                            Skills 4-5 and review work (pages 264-275)


Week 3                                                            Skills 6-7 and review work (pages 275-288)


Week 4                                                            Skills 8-9-10 (pages 288-296)


Week 5                                                            Skills 11 and review work (pages 296-305)


Week 6                                                            Skills 12-13 and review (pages 306-316)


Week 7                                                            Overall Review work (pages 317-321)


Week 8-10                                                       Work on the areas listed at the bottom of the page





9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Kelly Hall,

Room 103


Web Page:



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