The Use of Make and Do


How do you know when to use make and do?  For some, it is simply a matter of memorizing which situation or word uses make or do. However, for those of you that need a little more direction, try distinguishing them this way:

Make often has the idea of creating or constructing something, and Do often has the idea of completing or performing. Of course some expressions are "idiomatic" and will probably not fall into either category.


We usually use MAKE:


*           To make an apology

*           To make a cake

*           To make a difference

*           To make a dress

*           To make a fuss

*           To make a goal, a basket, a touchdown, a homerun, a score

*           To make a grade or make the grade

*           To make a list

*           To make a mistake

*           To make plans

*           To make a profit

*           To make a report

*           To make an effort

*           To make believe (pretend)

*           To make breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, etc.

*           To make do (do something with what you have)

*           To make it (be able to attend)

*           To make it (succeed)

*           To make it worthwhile or worth your time

*           To make the best of a bad situation

*           To make time (find time to do something)

*           To make up (do something you have missed, to not be angry at someone anymore)

*           To make your bed


We usually use DO:


*          To do your homework

*       To do the dishes

*       To do the laundry

*          To do your best

*           To do the things your have always wanted to do

*           To do your nails and hair

*           To do everything over again

*           To do that

*           To do your chores or housework

*           To do the ironing, washing, cooking, etc.

*           To do a job

*           To do what you can

*           To do time


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