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accept accepted accepted accepting Aceptar
add added added adding Agregar, Añadir, Sumar
admit admitted admitted admitting Admitir, Dejar Entrar
answer answered answered answering Contestar, Responder
arise arose arisen arising Levantar
arrive arrived arrived arriving Llegar
ask asked asked asking Preguntar
awake awoke awoken awaking Despertar
bat batted batted batting Pegar
be was, were been being Ser, Estar
become became become becoming Llegar a ser
begin began begun beginning Empezar
belong belonged belonged belonging Pertenecer
bend bent bent bending Doblar
bite bit bitten biting Morder
blow blew blown blowing Soplar, Volarse
break broke broken breaking Romper, Quebrar
bring brought brought bringing Traer
build built built building Construir
burn burned/burnt burned/burnt burning Quemar
buy bought bought buying Comprar
camp camped camped camping Acampar
carry carried carried carrying Cargar, Llevar
catch caught caught catching Atrapar, Agarrar
change changed changed changing Cambiar
choose chose chosen choosing Elegir, Escoger
clap clapped clapped clapping aplaudir
clean cleaned cleaned cleaning Limpiar
climb climbed climbed climbing Subir, Trepar
close closed closed closing Cerrar
come came come coming Venir
consider considered considered considering Considerar
cook cooked cooked cooking Cocinar
cope coped coped coping Tolerar
cost cost cost costing Costar
cough coughed coughed coughing Tocer
count counted counted counting Contar
cry cried cried crying Llorar, Gritar
cut cut cut cutting Cortar
dance danced danced dancing Bailar
dare dared dared daring Atrever, Desafiar
date dated dated dating Citar
deliver delivered delivered delivering Entregar
do did done doing Hacer
draw drew drawn drawing Dibujar
dream dreamed/dreamt dreamed/dreamt dreaming Soñar
dress dressed dressed dressing Vestir
drink drank drunk drinking Beber
drive drove driven driving Manejar
droop drooped drooped drooping Marchitar
drop dropped dropped dropping  Dejar,Caer Tirar, Soltar
earn earned earned earning Ganar (dinero)
eat ate eaten eating Comer
end ended ended ending Fin,
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed enjoying Disfrutar
enter entered entered entering Entrar
erase erased erased erasing Borrar
expect expected expected expecting Esperar
fail failed failed failed Fallar, (un exámen) Reprobar
fall fell fallen falling Caer
feed fed fed feeding Alimentar
feel felt felt feeling Sentir
fight fought fought fighting Pelear
fill filled filled filling Llenar
find found found finding Encontrar
finish finished finished finishing Terminar
fit fits fit fitting Quedar,  (de ropa)
fly flew flown flying Volar
fold folded folded folding Doblar (una carta)
follow followed followed following Seguir
fool fooled fooled fooling Hacer Tonto, Engañar
forget forgot forgotten forgetting Olvidar
forgive forgave forgiven forgiving Perdonar
freeze froze frozen freezing Congelar
get got gotten/got getting Conseguir, Obtener
give gave given giving Dar
go went gone going Ir
grab grabbed grabbed grabbing Agarrar, Arevatar
grin grinned grinned grinning Sonrier Abiertamente
grow grew grown growing Crecer
grow-up grew-up grown-up growing-up Criar
guess guessed guessed guessing Adivinar
hang hung hung hanging Colgar
happen happened happened happening Suceder, Pasar
have had had having Tener, Haber
hear heard heard hearing Oir
heat heated heated heating Calentar
help helped helped helping Ayudar
hide hid hidden hiding Ocultar, Esconder
hit hit hit hitting Pegar
hold held held holding Sostener
hope hoping hoped hoping Esperar
hurry hurried hurried hurrying Apresurar
hurt hurt hurt hurting Herir
intend intended intended intending Intentar
invite invited invited inviting Invitar
join joined joined joining Juntar, Unir
jump jumped jumped jumping Saltar
keep kept kept keeping Conservar
kill killed killed killing Matar
kiss kissed kissed kissing Besar
know knew known knowing Conocer, Saber
laugh laughed laughed laughing Reir
lay laid laid laying Poner
lead led led leading Guiar
learn learned learned learning Aprender
leave left left leaving Salir,Irse, Dejar
lend lent lent lending Prestar
let let let letting Permitir
lie lay lain lying Acostar
light lighted/lit lighted/lit lighting Iluminar, Encender
like liked liked liking Gustar
listen listened listened listening Escuchar
live lived lived living Vivir
look looked looked looking Mirar
lose lost lost losing Perder
love loved loved loving Amar
make made made making Hacer, Construir
mean meant meant meaning Significar
meet met met meeting Conocer gente, Encontrar
mend mended mend mending Reparar (ropa)
miss missed missed missing Extrañar
mop mopped mopped mopping Trapear
move moved moved moving Mover
name named named naming Nombrar
need needed needed needing Necesitar
occur occurred occurred occurring Ocurrir, Suceder
offer offered offered offering Ofrecer
open opened opened opening Abrir
order ordered ordered ordering Ordenar
pass passed passed passing Pasar
paste pasted pasted pasting Pegar
pat patted patted patting Palmear
pay paid paid paying Pagar
permit permitted permitted permitting Permitir
pick up picked up picked up picking up Recojer
plan planned planned planning Planear
plant planted planted planting Plantar
play played played playing Jugar, Tocar (un instrumento)
point pointed pointed pointing Señalar
practice practiced practiced practicing Practicas, Ensallar
prefer preferred preferred preferring Preferir
prove proved proven proving Probar
pull pulled pulled pulling Jalar
push pushed pushed pushing Empujar
put put put putting Poner
quit quit quit quitting Dejar, Descontinuar
rain rained rained raining Llover
rant ranted ranted ranting Hacer Coraje
read read read reading Leer
refer referred referred referring Referir
remember remembered remembered remembering Recordar
rent rented rented renting Rentar
repeat repeated repeated repeating Repetir
reply replied replied replied Contestar
resist resisted resisted resisting Resistir
reward rewarded rewarded rewarding Recompensar
ride rode ridden riding Montar, Pasear
ring rang rung ringing Sonar
rise rose risen rising Levantar
rub rubbed rubbed rubbing Frotar
run ran run running Correr
say said said saying Decir
see saw seen seeing Ver
seek sought sought seeking Buscar
seem seemed seemed seeming Parecer
sell sold sold selling Vender
send sent sent sending Mandar, Enviar
set set set setting Colocar
shake shook shaken shaking Sacudir
shave shaved shaved shaving Afeitar
shine shone/shined shone/shined shining Brillar
shoot shot shot shooting Disparar
shout shouted shouted shouting Gritar
show showed showed showing Mostrar
shut shut shut shutting Cerrar
sign signed signed signing Firmar
sing sang sung singing Cantar
sink sank/sunk sunk sinking Hundir
sit sat sat sitting Sentar
slam slammed slammed slamming Pegar fuertemente
sleep slept slept sleeping Dormir
slide slid slid sliding Resbalar
smile smiled smiled smiling Sonreir
smoke smoked smoked smoking Fumar
sneeze sneezed sneezed sneezing Estornudar
snow snowed snowed snowing Nevar
speak spoke spoken speaking Hablar
spend spent spent spending Gastar, Usar
spread spread spread spreading Desparramar, Extender
stand stood stood standing Ponerse de Pie
start started started starting Empezar
stay stayed stayed staying Permanecer
steal stole stolen stealing Robar
sting stung stung stinging Picar
stop stopped stopped stoping Parar
strike struck struck/stricken striking Pegar
study studied studied studying Estudiar
sweep swept swept sweeping Barrer
swim swam swum swimming Nadar
swing swung swung swinging Colgar
take took taken taking Tomar, Llevar
talk talked talked talking Hablar
taste tasted tasted tasting Probar
teach taught taught teaching Enseñar
tear tore torn tearing Romper     
tell told told telling Decir, Contar
think thought thought thinking Pensar
throw threw thrown throwing Tirar, Aventar
touch touched touched touching Tocar
travel traveled traveled traveling Viajar
trick tricked tricked tricking Hacer una broma o trampa
try tried tried trying Tratar
turn turned turned turning Voltear-Virar, Girar
understand understood understood understanding Entender, Comprender
use used used using Usar
visit visited visited visiting Visitar
wait waited waited waiting Esperar
wake up woke up woken up waking up Despertar
walk walked walked walking Caminar
want wanted wanted wanting Querer
wash washed washed washing Lavar
watch watched watched watching Ver (TV) Vigilar, Velar
wear wore worn wearing Usar (ropa)
win won won winning Ganar
wind wound wound winding Dar cuerda, Girar
wish wished wished wishing Desear
worry worried worried worrying Preocupar
write wrote written writing Escribir
yawn yawned yawned yawning Bostezar
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