Disunited States of America In at the Death, by Harry Turtledove The Shiloh Project, by David Poyer

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Yes, I do make significant extra credit available in my sections of this course.  Since this is a “reading and writing" course, extra credit naturally involves reading, and then requires writing a brief but interesting. seven paragraph book review (not a high school style “book report”).    If you want extra credit, follow the following instructions exactly in writing your review!  

For extra credit, choose any of these three novels:

Either The Disunited States of America, or In at the Death, both by Harry Turtledove, or The Shiloh Project, by David C. Poyer.

Other books or novels are not acceptable for credit at this time.

For extra credit, write your book review carefully . See this link for specific instructions on how to do a college-level book review, and follow the instructions to the letter.  Specifically, the body of your review should include items a. through e. listed on the linked instruction page, and the five body paragraphs in your Review must be lettered a. through e., carefully corresponding to these points. Your Review should be creative and engaged, and detailed enough for me to see you read through the entire book, and must be seven good paragraphs long (including introduction, five body paragraphs, and a conclusion), following the instructions on the attached link.

If another student has the book you want and is done with it you may wish to borrow it from them for your extra credit review, to keep costs and paper consumption down.

Depending on the quality of your book review, you can earn up to 10 points extra credit per book review on your final grade (which means up to a full letter grade increase per book review submitted). Obviously, no one can get over 100 (A) on their final grade, and extra credit is not meant to replace a required assignment that you refuse or fail to turn in. To earn a passing grade (“A,” “B,” or “C”) students must have completed all exams, paragraphs, and essays and achieved an average of 70% or better for the course.  Book reviews must be carefully proofread, and will be graded for correctness as well as content and interest.

Of course, as always beware of plagiarizing reviews or comments from study guides or the Internet, or of copying directly from the book!  Your writing in this extra credit book review (as in all work you turn in) must be YOURS, although, of course, you are encouraged to have other people (particularly, the Writing Center) look over and suggest corrections to your writing. All extra credit work must be computer-printed (handwritten reviews will not be accepted). Points will be taken off for spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.

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For extra credit, all Fall, 2013 extra credit book reviews must be turned in ON PAPER before Thanksgiving.  None will be accepted for credit after that date.

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