1. What is most important to you? a. To follow what you believe is morally right no matter what; b. To be loyal to your family, company, team, leader, superiors or nation, even when they are in the wrong; or c. To go where you want to go, do what you want to do, and to be what you want to be without letting anyone (family, religion, or other commitments) tie you down or make rules for you.  Explain in one sentence: Why is this the most important?
  2. Does whatever favors the super-rich usually favor you as well?  Why or why not?
  3. Does whatever favors the poor and the most disadvantaged usually favor you as well?  Why or why not?
  4. Whenever you consider whether or not to do a bad act, which is most important deciding factor to you? a. The bad effects, danger, loss, sadness, damage or hurt this bad act might inflict on others;  b. Your own chances of getting caught and punished.  c. The punishment or bad consequences that might come down on you if you do get caught; or d. Not applicable--I never consider doing anything bad . Please be honest. 
  5. If you try your best to do an evil act but are stopped from doing it by luck, chance or circumstances, are you still guilty of anything? Explain in one sentence: Why or why not?
  6. If you see someone else in the act of committing a crime or an evil act and by your lack of action you allow it to happen, even when you have the full power to interrupt, scare off, call in, report or stop the person without in any way endangering yourself or your family, are you guilty of anything?  Why or why not?
  7. How do you feel the world's future will be over the coming several decades? a. Better and better; with less hatred and less conflict in the world, more world peace, a cleaner world environment, better health and more wealth,  jobs for all, more and more new natural resources being discovered and more great new inventions hitting the market, giving greater happiness for all; or b. worse and worse, with ever-increasing ecological damage, Earth's non-renewable world resources running out, more climate change, more wars and terror, and ever-growing levels of world poverty, unemployment, disease, hunger and suffering.  Why?
  8. Over the coming years and decades do you expect that your own personal future and that of your own family will get: a. better and better, or b. worse and worse?.
  9. In a sentence or two, carefully relate your answer on question #8 to your answer on question #7 above.
  10. Read the following list and choose what you believe to be the four worst dangers facing America's future during your lifetime:
    1. Lack of toughness, too many entitlements for single parents, the aged, disabled, and all those who are just too lazy to work.
    2. Lack of  food; sky-high food prices, growing hunger and malnutrition, children dying of starvation here in the USA.
    3. Lack of jobs and chances to earn a decent living; ever-increasing unemployment, poverty, another Great Depression.
    4. Lack of freedom for musical,  literary, cinematic or artistic expression, ever-increasing levels of cultural repression.
    5. Lack of privacy; cameras everywhere, intrusive government monitoring and surveillance, increased spying on citizens.
    6. Lack of equality, growing class-differences, a ever-widening income-gap between the great rich and all the rest of us.
    7. Lack of affordable health care; lack of new medications, emergence of new incurable diseases, uncontrolled pandemics.
    8. Lack of ecological protection, uncontrolled pollution, environmental breakdown and collapse, death of the ecology.
    9. Lack of democracy, government terror, an iron-fisted police state, military takeover or a dictator in the USA.
    10. Lack of respect for human life, a culture of death, ever-increasing rates of assisted suicide and abortion in the USA.
    11. Lack of climate stability, , droughts, storms, heat, rising sea levels, extreme global warming, out-of-control greenhouse effect.
    12. Lack of respect and fairness at work, ever-longer hours, low pay and less benefits, increasing levels of mistreatment on the job.
    13. Lack of reliable public information, increasing government lies, propaganda, biased news media. censorship of the Internet..
    14. Lack of control of the budget, more debt, increasing interest rates, rising prices, hyperinflation, our dollars becoming worthless.
    15. Lack of energy supplies, long gas lines, oil shortages and embargoes, more wars for control of remaining world oil supplies.
    16. Lack of American greatness, the end of the age of American world dominance, China and other countries taking over..
    17.  Lack of any real fun or entertainment, ever-growing boredom, increasing sameness and grayness in American society.
    18. Lack of world peace, growing international wars and conflicts, nuclear attack, World War III, the destruction of the planet.
    19. Lack of social stability in America, growing protests, strikes, riots, militias and even armed uprisings against the US government.
    20. Lack of equality; growing discrimination, ever-increasing racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, hatred, race war in America.
    21. Lack of respect for traditional marriage, ever-greater amounts of sexual promiscuity, total breakdown of personal morality,
    22. Lack of decent and affordable housing; widespread foreclosures and evictions, homeless colonies growing in every big city. .
    23. Lack of  real chances for me, personally, to succeed financially and to amass a great personal fortune within my own lifetime.
    24. Lack of resources for education; under-funded and decaying schools, a culture of ignorance, ever-growing public illiteracy.
    25. Lack of religious faith, increased unbelief,  ever-growing public atheism and anti-religious feeling among the American people.
    26. Lack of control over big government, ever-increasing taxes, too many government regulations and a bloated public bureaucracy.
  11. In your life, what do you, personally, plan to do to fight against each of these four worst future problems that you indicated above? (Answer in four different thoughtful sentences. Please be honest!) 
  12. Which do you think is most important for humanity?  a. All the things that producers around the world make, do, create, invent, discover or produce; or b. All the things that consumers around the world buy, own, possess, enjoy, use or consume.
  13. Which do you, personally, spend the most time thinking or dreaming about?  a.  All the things or ideas you, personally, can  make, do, create, invent, discover or produce over your lifetime;  or b.  All the things you, personally, can buy, own, possess, enjoy, use or consume over your lifetime. (Please be honest.)
  14. In one or two sentences, carefully relate your answer to question #13 to your answer to question #12 above.
  15. Which is the best for America? (Check one)
    1. To ensure the brightest, most talented and most ambitious are highly rewarded, even if the vast majority might suffer.
    2. To ensure the vast majority have a decent life, even if the brightest, most talented and most ambitious might feel frustrated.
      Explain in one sentence why you chose this answer.

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