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You should expect to spend SIX to NINE HOURS every week outside of the classroom working on this class (online, researching, discussing, writing, and most of all, reading).   If you are not willing to devote this amount of time on the course, you cannot expect to do well


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HIST 1301


(subject to change).  Read the chapters from The Way We Lived carefully.  You can skim the Created Equal readings.

Reading Across the Disciplines

[Chapters 24 & 25 will be assigned as needed throughout the semester]


 Daughter of Fortune, by Isabel Allende



Note: An optional "Novels for Students" study guide for this novel is available from Amazon.com online

HERE.  No endorsement of Amazon.com is offered or implied,



Week 1: Aug. 26/28


T: Course Syllabus and Team Forms


TH: Created Equal, preface


Chapter 1: Active reading and thinking strategies:


Get novel by Sept. 1st.  Begin reading as soon as you have it!

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Any edition of the book is acceptable.


Journal 1a: Prospector.

Journal 1b: To be announced.


In class assignments:


Syllabus Quiz.


Respond to "I Hate Reading"



(Sept. 1 Labor Day--Holiday!)

Week 2: Sept. 2/4


T: Created Equal, Chapter 1

TH: The Way We Lived, 3-20 (“The First Americans”)



Chapter 2: Vocabulary-building.




Journal 2a: Prospector.

Journal 2b: Respond to "Bangladesh Set to Disappear Under the Waves."


In-class assignment: Write your own "Dozen Ways to Improve Your Own Reading."

In class assignment: Write your own "reading autobiography."




Week 3: Sept. 9/11


T: Created Equal, Chapter 2


TH: The Way We Lived, 21-39 (“Colonial Beginnings”)




Chapter 3: Thesis, Main Ideas, etc.


 You should be half done with novel! 


Journal 3a: Prospector

Journal 3b:  "Investigating the Psychopathic Mind," by Greg Miller.

In-class assignment: Summary practice on "Why Men Cheat" by Constance Holden.

In-class assignment: Your Personal Reading Map.


In class (lab) assignment: Respond to this statement: "Choosing to enroll in university when you hate to read is as absurd as choosing to go out for soccer when you hate to run!"  

Post this on your Facebook notes.




Week 4: Sept. 16/18


T: Created Equal, Chapter 3

TH: TEST – History and Historical Study; Indigenous, European, African, and Asian Contact, Conflict, Colonization, and Resistance in the Americas

Chapter 4:Organizational Patterns


Chapter 24: Reading Psychology

Selection: from Beginning to Heal, by Bass and Davis  [distributed in class.]




Journal 4a: Prospector

Journal 4b: Respond to selection. 


In class: Difficult summaries.


In: class: Summary practice


In class (lab) assignment: Writing as a teacher, respond to "I Hate Reading." Post on your Facebook notes.



Week 5: Sept. 23/25


T: The Way We Lived, 40-55 (“The Enslavement of Africans”); Created Equal, Chapter 4 

TH: Created Equal, Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Making Inferences

Selection: Why Read?


Chapter 25: Reading Biology

Selection: from Science Magazine: "Caudate over Heels in Love"



Journal 5a: Prospector

Journal 5b: Respond to selection (your choice).


In-class: Summary practice



Week 6: Sept. 30/Oct. 2


T: The Way We Lived, 118-135 (“People at War”)

 TH: Created Equal, Chapters 6 and 7



Chapter 6: Critical Reading

 You should be done with novel by Oct. 1st!


Begin re-reading and annotating it!

Novel Test


Journal 6a: Prospector

Journal 6b: More about Alcoholism.


In-class Analysis practice:

Selection: Searching for the secrets of the Super-Old.






Week 7: Oct. 7/9

T: Created Equal, Chapters 8 and 9

TH: TEST – Slavery and National Formation


**Get started on the novel



Chapter 7: Organizing Ideas

  • Annotating: good and bad examples

  • Paraphrasing

  • Outlining

  • Mapping

  • Summarizing

Selection: "Rabid Dogs"



Journal 7a: Prospector

Journal 7b: Selection:


In class: Use selection for:.

  • Annotating practice

  • Paraphrasing practice

  • Reverse outline exercise.




Midterm grades due in by 10.15

Week 8: Oct.14/16


T: The Way We Lived, 139-153 (“The Onset of Industry”); Created Equal, Chapter 10


TH: The Way We Lived, 154-172 (“The Cherokee Removal”); Created Equal, Chapter 11


**Read the novel


Chapter  9: Digital sources

Selection: Facebook: the CIA Conspiracy


 You should be half done annotating novel!


Journal 8a: Prospector

Journal 8b: Facebook: The CIA Conspiracy



In-class: Analysis practice Reverse outline of novel.


In class: Analysis Practice: Dying for Science.




Freshmen mid-term grades sent to UTEP email addresses 10/20.

Week 9: Oct. 21/23

 T: Daughter of Fortune, Part I/Hija de la Fortuna, Primera Parte

TH: Continue reading novel


Chapter 10: Reading across the Disciplines

How to Write a Reader Response--The Basics

Selection: Isabel Allende article distributed in class.



Analysis Paragraph


Journal 9a: Prospector

Journal 9b: Selection: "Sagging Pants."


In class: Reader response practice.




*Friday October 31: Course Drop Deadline

Week 10: Oct. 28/30


T: Daughter of Fortune, Part II/Hija de la Fortuna, Segunda Parte

TH: Continue reading novel


Chapter 11: Reading Social Sciences

Selection from Hogshire,  You are Going to Prison.



Journal 10a: Prospector

Journal 10b: Selection from Hogshire. 


In class: Reader response practice: Respond to selection.



Week 11: Nov. 4/6 

T: Daughter of Fortune, Part III/Hija de la Fortuna, Tercera Parte

 TH: The Way We Lived, 173-190 (“Moving West”); Created Equal, Chapter 12


Chapter 17: Reading Poli. Sci / Gov't / History

Selections: From New York Times

 Finish up annotating novel by Nov. 7th!


Journal 11a: Prospector

Journal 11b: Selection from New York Times.


In-class: Reader response practice



Week 12: Nov. 11/13 

T: The Way We Lived, 226-248 (“The Age of Reform”) 

TH: TEST – Economic and Geographic Expansion of the Nation


Chapter 18: Business/Advertising/Econ.

Read selection 24 in textbook.


Selection: "Think You Love Shopping?"





Reader Response



Journal 12a: Prospector

Journal 12b: Respond to "Think you Love Shopping?"


In class: To be announced.



Week 13: Nov. 18/20


T: The Way We Lived, 249-270 (“Plantation Society”)

TH: Created Equal, Chapter 13


Chapter 19: Tech and Computers

  • Selection 25 from textbook

  • Selection: WebMD blog


Journal 13a: Prospector

Journal 13a: To be announced.


In-class:  Response to WebMD blog. Summary refresher.



Nov. 27-8 Thanksgiving Holidays

Week 14: Nov. 25/27


T: Created Equal, Chapter 14


TH: Thanksgiving Break, No Class


Chapter 20: Health-related.

Selection: S/H Recovery



Journal 14a: Prospector

Journal 14b: Selection.


In class: Rough draft of Reader Response due 11/25 for peer review.



Week 15: Dec. 2/4

T: The Way We Lived, 271-289 (“The Soldiers’ Civil War”)

TH: Created Equal, Chapter 15  (Last day of class)



Chapter 22: Phys. Sci / Math

Selection: from Science Mag

Reader Response Essay due by Dec. 2.


Journal 15a: Prospector

Journal 15b: Selection.


All journals due by last day of class!


Dec. 9


Final for ENGL 0310 (all sections)  7:00 am to 9:45 am. Location to be announced. 

HIST 1301 FINAL EXAM: Thursday Dec 11, 10:00 am – 12:45 pm



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