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Description: English 0310 is designed to help students improve their comprehension of college-level material. Students will work independently and in groups to develop strategies for understanding written text. They will learn how to recognize basic organizational patterns and how to use these patterns along with other necessary elements of language and text structure at all stages of the reading process.


 1. To earn a passing grade (A, B, or C) students must have completed all paragraphs and essays, and achieved an average of 70% or better for the course.  Grading is based on performance, not on effort.

2. Students who have not met the course requirements or have not earned an average of 70% or better for the complete course will need to retake ENGL 0310.


3. The biggest cause of failure in this course is usually attendance. When a student has accumulated excess instances of unsatisfactory attendance (tardy, unprepared or absent), he/she will be dropped with a W if all the infractions occur prior to the official drop deadline.  However, if the unsatisfactory attendance instance happens after the Drop Date, the student will automatically fail the course.  


4. You should expect to spend SIX to NINE HOURS every week outside of the classroom working on ENGL 0310 (online, writing, researching, discussing, and most of all, reading).   If you are not willing or able to devote this amount of time on the course, you cannot expect to do well.



Each one of you have access to computers at the various lab sites on campus  (you pay a  technology fee each semester for this). So, excuses such as:

  • I don't have a computer at home...

  • My computer broke down, or has a virus...

  • I couldn't get to campus on time...

  • My printer is out of ink...

  • I don't know how to use a computer...

  • And  others...



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