Welcome Survey


1. How well do you speak English now?
       Fluent in English
       Some English
       A little English

2. How well do you READ English?
       Fluent in English
       OK in English
       A little English

3. How well do you WRITE English?
       Fluent in English
       OK in English
       A little English

4.What is your first or mother language? 

5. Why are you at UTEP?


And, why are you taking these particular courses (ENGL 0310 and HIST 1301)? 

6. The assignments in this course include a lot of reading, writing and thinking.  Points may be taken off for late assignments.  Do you agree to compete all reading and writing assignments on time?

7. For this English class, please expect up to 5 to 6 hours a week homework (including reading, writing and online work) each and every week over the semester.  Are you able and willing to devote that much time to the course if necessary? 

8. What do you most want to learn in this "Reading and Communication Skills" class? 

9. What other English courses have you taken in College before this one?  


 What other English courses are you enrolled in this current semester? 
       English 0111 Workshop
       English 0311 Developmental Composition
       English 1311 Expository Comp. I
       English 1312
       Other English course:__________

10. What grade do you want in ENGL 0310? 


11.  Do you feel you belong in this course? 


12. What do you NOT want to have in this course?
13. How many pages (college level) can you read in English in an hour? (estimate)

14. What is your biggest "risk factor" that might cause you to fail or drop  ENGL 0310 (or to drop out of UTEP altogether), and what are you doing to overcome this risk?



What is the most important thing the Instructor can do to help you overcome this risk?



 15. How would you describe yourself as a student? (chose one--please be honest) 

Just here because I have to be; couldn't care less whether I pass or flunk.
Not interested in this subject, but willing to do the bare minimum required work to pass ENGL 0310 and HIST 1301 with low "C's."
Not interested in this subject, but willing to compete to earn "A's" and succeed in these courses.

Interested in seriously learning all the courses have to offer.

16. Write one paragraph telling any important things about yourself (your job or interests, life, family, personal experiences, or what you hope to get out of the class) that you want the Instructor to know about you. 

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