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Book Test

Open Notes / Closed Book--worth 10% of your grade.

Answer each question in one or two sentences. If you are reading this page before the test, you may prepare answers in your notes. That will not be considered cheating. However, be aware that questions on this test may change at any moment before it is actually administered! 

1. First, give the title, author and subject of the book you read. Then, list four of the most important characters in the book either by name, by nickname, or by personal title used in the story if no name is given. Then, in one sentence each, tell what important part each of these four characters played in the story of the book. Be very specific.

2. What time (date, year, or decade) is the book set in?  If this information is not available, give the century in which the book is set.  Do not give general answers like "now," "the present," "the far future," or "back in medieval times." Also list what country or countries the book is set in.

3. In one sentence, describe what particular incident described in the middle part of the story was the most good, true, beautiful, noble or brave, in your own opinion.  In another single sentence, mention why you think that this incident especially stood out for you. In your answer, do not include the beginning or the end of the story!  Do not give general answers like "Isabel Allende was very brave for sticking with her daughter for those many years" or "The Last Emperor was very noble for defending his country and never surrendering or running away." Instead, be very specific, like "Joanne Trung was especially brave when she kicked the elephant's ankle. This impressed me because the elephant could have easily stomped her to death, but instead it ran away and the Smith kids were saved."

4. Explain in one or two sentences: If at the end of the story the title character or the main character of the book survives, how, where and why (by what means) does he or she manage to stay alive at the end of the story? If the title character or main character does not survive, where, why, where and how does he or she die? Give very specific details either way (do not just answer "the hospital," "in battle," "he starved to death," or similar generalities). 

5. In one or two sentences, describe one very specific incident of the book that you think was the least realistic or credible (or the thing that was strangest and hardest for you to believe even though it might be true), and why it seemed so incredible to you. (Do not answer "the whole story was fiction" or "everything in the book was based on fact." Do not give general answers like "The main character was too smart to be true." Be specific!)

6. In one sentence, answer: What is one important life-lesson can you, personally, draw from the book for your own present and future life? Do not give general answers like "I will remain positive," or "I will remember that you can overcome any adversity if you try." Instead, be very specific about what life-lesson you drew from the book.

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