Worth 10% of your grade!

Keeping a journal helps clarify ideas and improve the fluency of writing.  Though different teachers will have their own grading standards, in most cases, they do not revise spelling or grammar errors when evaluating journals.  Instead, a studentís journal entry will be evaluated on dedication and engagement.  

Each week, write a journal entry on your reading in the book you chose, up to Sept. 25, and on other assigned reading selections after Sept 25.  You will NOT be reminded to do your journals; instead, keep in mind that you need to complete your journal assignment each week.

Turn this assignment every Friday at the beginning of class. The assignment must be computer printed!

1. Note exact page numbers, chapters or article read.

A. Write a paragraph in which you describe, summarize, what you read.

B. Then write a second paragraph in which you comment on what you read.

Separate the summary of the article, the commentary on the article by using appropriate letters (A, B) and headings (summary, commentary).


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