I, (name)______________________________________________,  solemnly PROMISE on my honor that, even if I fall behind in assignments, I will NOT just quit attending English 0310, pull a "vanishing act," or stop going to class without letting the instructor know. 


If I do not want to attend English 0310 any more, or if I need to drop out of the University for any reason, I hereby Promise that I will contact UTEP Enrollment Services and formally withdraw. This will leave my record "clean" in case I ever want to enroll in college again later.


If I violate this promise and just stop attending without explanation, I agree to get an "F" in  the course, a life-long dishonor which may never go away and may well shame me for the rest of my life. 


I solemnly affirm that I will faithfully honor this agreement until December 1, 2011 or until such time as I formally withdraw from English 0310.






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Cell phone number for contact purposes:





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