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Writers' & Readers' Discourse Map

Name of text or work:__________________________________________________________________________


Author(s)  of this work.


The intended audience of this text or work.





(Seven years after graduation)

Who are they?

  Who are they?  

Me (now)

Me (Seven years after graduation)


How credible, famous or important are they?


  How credible, famous or important are they/you?      
What special knowledge did the writer(s) need to write this work?    

What new knowledge did you/they likely gain by reading this work?


What emotions did the writer(s) express in this work?


  What emotions would these readers likely have on reading this work?      

Why (for what purpose) was this written?


  Why (for what purpose) would you / they read it?      

What did they gain by creating this work? What did they lose?


  What do you / they gain by reading this work?  What did you / they lose?      

Adapted with permission from Dr. Anne Beaufort's "Discourse Community" Chart, 2007.

 For educational purposes only.

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