ENGL 1311

250+ Possible Subjects for College Writing

Abortion, Pro life / Pro choice Issues

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Addiction, Drugs and Drug Trafficking

Adoption and Foster Care

Aging and Gerontology Issues

Age Discrimination Issues (Young/Old)

AIDS / HIV Issues

Alcohol, Drinking and Alcoholism

Allergies and Allergic Reactions

American Cultural Diversity Issues

Amusement Parks / Zoos / Aquaria

Anarchism and Anarchy

Ancient Civilizations and Literature

Animal Rights and Animal Protection

Anorexia, Bulimia, Eating Disorders

Anthropology and Culture

Archaeology; Paleontology

Architecture and Buildings

Army (U.S.)

Art and Artistic Expression

Artificial Intelligence

Assisted Living and Nursing Home Issues

Astrology: Validity and Reliability 

Astronomy, Cosmology, Astrophysics

Atheism and Agnosticism; Skepticism

Automobiles and the Environment

Aviation, Airlines and Airline Travel

Babies. Childbirth and Infant Care

Ballet and Artistic Dance

Bankruptcy, Personal Debt Issues

Bilingualism; Multilingualism

Biology and Biomedical Research

Blue Laws and Sabbath Observance Issues

Business, Finance and Capital

Careers and Job-hunting

Celibacy, Celibate Clergy

Censorship and Mind Control

Chemistry; Biochemistry

Chemicals in the Environment

Child Abuse and Child Protection Issues

Child Support, Custody, Visitation

Church and State Issues

Circumcision, Male and Female

Climate Change and Global Warming 

Collecting-Coins, Stamps, Antiques

Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Cold War

Conservatism and Political Conservatives

Consumerism and Consumption-fetish

Contraception, Birth Control Issues

Cooperatives and the Co-op Movement

Creationism, Anti-Evolutionism

Credit Cards; Debit Cards

Crime and Personal Safety Issues

Criminal Justice and Punishment

Cuisine and Cooking; Baking


Dating and Choosing a Mate

Day Care and Child Care Issues

Depression (Psychological)

Depression (Economic)

Death and Dying; End of Life Issues

Deficit Issues; National Debt Issues

Democracy; Democratic Systems

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dictatorship; Dictators; Tyranny

Diet and Nutrition

Disabilities, Disability Rights Issues

Diversity (Cultural, Ethnic, Language)

Domestic and Spousal Violence Issues

Domestic Animals, Pets 

Draft and Military Manpower Issues

Driving: Legal and Highway Issues

Early Childhood Issues; Day Care

Earthquakes / Seismology

Earthquake-proofing Buildings

Ecology / Environmental Issues

Economics, Business, Finance and Money

Economic Crisis 

Education and K-12 Teaching Issues

Elder Abuse and Exploitation

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Management / Response

Erotica and Pornography

Evolution and Creationism, Darwinism

False Consciousness; Public Deceptions

Family and Child-Raising

Fantasy Literature; Sword-and-Sorcery

Farming, Agriculture and Rural Life

Farmworkers and Farmworker Issues.

Feminism and Women’s Equality Issues

Financial Sector; Financial Speculation

Firearms /Gun Control Issues

Food and Nutrition Issues; Hunger

Food Stamps. SNAP, TANF and Welfare Issues

Food Processing and Additives

Food Supply Security and Safety Issues

Foreign Languages, Language Learning

Fossils and Paleontology; Dinosaurs

Free Market Issues, Capitalism

Gambling, Lotteries and Casinos

Gangs and Gang Recruitment

Gardening, Horticulture and Flowers

Gemstones, Rocks, Minerals and Geology

Genealogy and Family History

Genetic Manipulation and Cloning

Genetically-modified Food

Genome Decoding and Use

Government-Federal, State, Local

Government-International, U.N.

Grammar and Teaching /Learning Grammar

Grammar, Universal

Graphics and Computer Art

Hate Crimes and Hate Crime Laws

Hate Groups (Contemporary)

Health Care Issues; Private/Public

Heraldry and Medieval Life

Heterosexuality-Causes and Issues









History of the English Language

Homes, Home Repair, Home Improvement

Homophobia and Anti-Gay Discrimination

Horror and Gothic Literature

Human Intelligence, IQ

Human Rights

Human Services, Social Work

Human Trafficking


Immigration and Border Issues

Incest; Inbreeding; Inbred Populations

Inflation; Deflation; Value of the Dollar

Insurance, Insurance Cost Issues

International Relations, Internationalism

Internet Addiction

Inventions and Inventing; Creativity

Investments and the Stock Market

Journalism; News Reporting

Language & Linguistics; Bilingualism

Law, Courts, Lawyers, Legal Questions

Law Enforcement; Police; Sheriffs

Lawbreaking; Scoff-laws

Lexicography and Dictionaries

Liberalism and Political Liberals

Libertarian Theory; Libertartianism

Libraries, Bookstores and Book Publishing

Life After Death; Heaven, Hell. Purgatory

Lifelong Learning; Adult Education

Lifestyles-Cohabiting (Unmarried)


Lifestyles-Married (Opposite-Sex Partners)

Lifestyles-Monogamy / Faithfulness

Lifestyles-Polygamy / Polyandry

Lifestyles-Same-Sex Partners

Lifestyles-Sexual Freedom / Promiscuity


Lifestyles-Unattached Single

Lifestyles-Virginity; Chastity; Abstinence

Literacy and Illiteracy Issues

Literature and Reading

Locksmithing, Lockpicking

Love and Sexual Orientation Issues

Love in Literature vs. in Real Life

Love of God; God's Love for Humankind

Love of Learning and Scholarship

Love of Money, Greed, Avarice

Love, Romance and Marriage

Marine Biology

Marines (U.S.)

Mathematics and Numbers

Medicaid, Medicare Issues 

Medical Education, Med Schools

Medical Insurance Issues

Medical Specialization   

Medicine and Medical Treatment

Meditation (Christian Tradition)

Meditation (Eastern Tradition; Yoga)

Men/Male Issues, Machismo

Mental Health Issues

Military Justice Issues

Military Life Issues

Military Recruitment, The Draft

Military Strategy / Tactics

Minimum Wage Issues

Mining/Prospecting/Oil Drilling

Moon, Mars, and the Planets

Mortgages; Foreclosures

Museums and Cultural Heritage

Mythology; Urban Mythology

Misogyny; Woman-hating

New Diseases and Infections

Nuclear Energy /Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Weapons / Nuclear War

Nudism / Naturism / Clothing Optional

Nursing and Nurses

Occult, Ghosts and Spiritualism

Oil and Gas Prices, Energy Crisis

Obscenity; Vulgarity; Bad Words 

Outdoors/Parks/Outdoor Resources

Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca

Pain and Suffering; Pain Relief

Painting and Visual Art

Parenting and Family Life

Parenting: Single


Pastries, Candies and Desserts

Patriotism; Nationalism

Peak Petroleum, Oil Shortages

Persuasion and Influencing People

Photography and Cameras



Poetry and Poets

Politeness, Rudeness, Vulgarity

Political Correctness

Political Parties and Platforms

Political Radicalism

Political Theory and Ideologies

Pollution and Pollution Control

Poverty, Hunger Issues

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Prescription Drug Issues; Big Pharma

Prisons; Prisoners; Prison Rape

Privacy and Surveillance Issues 

Probation and Parole

Propaganda and Big-Lie Techniques

Prostitution and Sex Workers; Pimps

Psychology and Psychiatry

Puberty and Early Adolescence

Puzzles and Crosswords

Quilting; Sewing; Knitting

Racism and Racial Bigotry

Radio-AM, FM or Satellite


Radio-Pirate or Unlicensed

Radio-Talk Shows, Talk-Show Hosts

Railroads and Railroading

Rape and Sexual Abuse Issues

Rapists: Psychology and Pathology

Ratings-TV and Movies; V-Chip

Real Estate, Land and Property

Recession; Economic Crisis

Reincarnation; Past Lives

Religion and Faith Issues

Religious Fanaticism / Cults

Resource Wars

Restaurants and Fine Dining

Retirement, Senior Issues

Revolution; Insurgency Issues

Road Rage; Aggressive Driving

Robots and Robotics

Rural vs. Urban Issues, Country Life

Sailing, Sailors, Navy (U.S.)

Sales and Marketing

Satellites; Robotic Space Probes

Schizophrenia: Causes

Schools, Colleges, School Finance

Science and Scientists

Science Fiction and Fantasy Lit. 

Scientific and Technical Writing

Scripture Studies (any faith) 

Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Self-Employment, Small Businesses

Sex and Human Reproductive Issues

Sex Tourism

Sexism and Gender Discrimination

Sexual Harassment: School/Work

Sexual Pleasure; Sex Addiction

Sexually-transmitted Diseases (STD's)

Sin, Morality and Punishment

Singing / Choir /  Chorale

Slavery (Contemporary); Peonage

Sleep, Sleep Disorders, Insomnia

Socioeconomic Class Issues in the USA

Social Security and SSI Issues

Solar or  Renewable Energy

Space Exploration (Human) and Travel


Tarot and Fortune-Telling

Tattoos, Piercing and Body Art

Taxes and Taxation; Tax Fraud

Technology and Engineering

Television-Effects on Viewers

Television-New Technology, HDTV

Television and Children

Television and Senior Citizens

Terrorism and Security Issues

Terrorism as a "Bogeyman"

Terrorist Recruitment Techniques

Theater, Drama, Acting

Third World Issues

Torture, Human Rights Issues

Traffic Laws and Enforcement

Transgendered People

Trash and Garbage Collection

Travel and Tourism

UFO’s; Alien Abduction Stories

Unemployment and Joblessness

Unions and Worklife Issues

University and College Education

Vegetarianism / Veganism

Veterans' Issues; Veterans' Admin.

Veterinary and Animal Health Issues

Virtual Reality

War and Peace, Just War; Pacifism

War Crimes and Atrocities

Waste Disposal and Recycling

Water Issues; Water Conservation

Weapons and Weapons Technology

Wealth, Riches and the Wealthy

Weight Control, Diets, Obesity

Wine and Winemaking; Home Brewing

Women/Female Issues

World Religions

Writing-Fiction or Nonfiction

Writing-Prison Writings


Young Adult Issues

Youth and Teen Issues

Zoology and Animals

Zoos, Animal Parks and Aquariums







Subjects to avoid: "Fluff” subjects such as entertainment and sports trivia, TV, movies, skateboarding, etc.; anything having to do with “stars” or sports or entertainment personalities; subjects that are too personal to share with the rest of the class. Also, avoid subjects that have already been worked to death, like legalization of banned substances, helmet laws, or underage smoking or drinking. Finally, avoid anything "preachy," unless, of course, your purpose is to preach.


HINT: Choose the most specialized subject you can.  E.g., do not write about "weight control" when you can write about "Myths of the Atkins Diet," or "Weight Control for Insulin-dependent Diabetics."


This list is adapted from a list of interests first published by American Mensa, Ltd., which has been extended and posted with permission. 


O.W. rev. 1/10


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