Google yourself and your topic—are you on the first page? 


Would people be able to find out about you and your areas of expertise if they Googled you? 

 If you write articles, they will be.

 Publishing articles on the internet is a fabulous way to:

 ·       showcase your expertise

·       share your knowledge

·       offer your information to others

·       provide folks around the globe to have access your research

·       disperse your experience and reflections for other people’s benefit

·       ensure that others know about your organization or association

·       and more….

 Note:  Is publishing articles on internet as difficult and elaborate as getting articles published in refereed journals?  Heck no!  HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean that these articles aren’t valuable and it certainly isn’t something to view with disdain. 


From:  Meggin McIntosh, “30 Articles in Just 30 Days”

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