Exercise 1: Exploring Real Technical Rhetoric in Your Major.

Assigned during week 1 of class. collective assignment (optional) with one or two others who have the same major as you.

Research and answer the following:

  1. Who most often writes and creates new knowledge in your field? How is new knowledge normally shared in your major discipline or intended occupational or professional field? I.e., by professional journals, newspapers, podcasts, on the factory floor or in the teacher's lounge, or what?
  2. What are the best, most well known, or most widely read professional or academic journals and publications in your field?  Do they have special discounts for students to subscribe? 
  3. What are the best or most widely read websites, search engines, online sources, blogs or web portals in your field?
  4. What is the expected standard format for scholarly or professional articles or publications in your field? (I.e., MLA, APA, IEEE, Chicago format, IMRAD, or what?)  
  5. What are the major professional societies or scholarly organizations in your field?  Do they have student chapters, or special deals for students to join?
  6. What are the major unions, labor organizations, or workplace and occupational groups in your field? Do they have student chapters or special deals for students to join?
  7. What is the current socioeconomic or employment situation of people working in your field or graduating with your major?  How is the current economic crisis affecting people in your major field or intended area of work? 
  8. What kind of texts will you and those who work in your field normally read and write on a regular basis? 

Hints:  Consult with a professor in your major field to find these items. Then, answer these eight questions in  whatever specific detail is necessary, and post in your Facebook Notes within one week of assignment date. If you are working in a group, each collective member must post answers on her/his own Facebook page. You may be asked to report on this information orally for the class.

General Advice and Tips

Please start this exercise as soon as possible!  Your grade will depend on the amount of information you collect, and this information cannot be collected quickly, in a day or two. 

Leave time to proofread.  Grammar, punctuation, and spelling will profoundly influence your grade.  For an A or B on this project, the grammar, punctuation, and spelling will need to be perfect.  If you are concerned about these areas of your writing, ask a friend or tutor to help you proofread. You can do this!

Report to be posted on Facebook Notes by beginning of 1/30/08 class.

O.W.  1/09.  Thanks to Angela Petit for General Advice and  Tips.

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