Power Analysis

(Categories are not mutually exclusive!)

  • Personal Power

  • Social Power

  • National Power

  • Imperial Power

  • Objective and Subjective Power

  • Constructive and Destructive Power

  • Mechanical Power (Work, Energy, Electricity, Fossil Fuels, Machinery)

  • Creative Power (Originality, Artistry, Literary, Poetic, Musical Creativity)

  • Persuasive Power (Rhetoric, Argument, Eloquence, Charisma, Con Games)

  • Emotional Power (Pathos, Love, Hate, Joy, Anger, Pity, Rage, Terror)

  • Marital Power (Husband, Wife, In-Laws, Family, Fidelity, Spousal Abuse)

  • Parental Power (Father, Mother, Child-raising, Child Care, Child Abuse)

  • Cultural Power (Customs, Folkways, Ethnic Identity, Prejudice, Racism)

  • Legal Power (Courts, Law Enforcement, Legislation, Lawsuits, Gavels)

  • Coercive Power (Warnings, Threats, Blackmail, Violence, Oppression)

  • Punishment Power (Setting "Consequences," Flunking, Firing, Prison, Execution)

  • Reward Power (Awards, Gifts, Scholarships, Financial Aid, Wages, Support, Bribery)

  • Expert Power (Skills, Experience, Certification, Degrees, Reputation, Ethos)

  • Educational Power (Classes, School, Grades, Diplomas, Pass/Fail, Truancy Laws)

  • Informational Power (Knowledge, News, Secrets, Disinformation, Censorship.)

  • Intellectual Power (Intelligence, Analysis, Understanding, Intellectual Arrogance)

  • Ideological Power (Political Ideas, Liberal, Conservative, Left, Right, Libertarian)

  • Legitimate Power (Office, Title, Ordination, Certification, Election, Uniforms)

  • Economic Power (Wages, Prices, Hiring and Firing, Financial Aid, Tuition, Bills)

  • Financial Power (Markets, Banks, Investment, Recession, Economic Policy-Making)

  • Physical Power (Health, Strength, Tools, Weapons, Firepower, Numbers, Bullying)

  • Sexual Power (Reproduction, Seduction, Attraction, Harassment, Sexism, Rape)

  • Star Power (Music, Films, TV, Media, Politicians, Mass Murderers)

  • Image Power (Brands, Logo Images, Graphics, Flags, the Bald Eagle, the Swastika)

  • Fear Power (Terror, Threats of Unemployment, Poverty, Homelessness, Death)

  • Chemical Power (Prescription, Intoxication, Addiction, Drugs, Pollution, Poison)

  • Others' Power (Assigned, Borrowed, By Reference, In the Name Of)

  • Inertial Power (Tradition, Precedent, "The System," Mortmain)   

  • People Power (Mass Action, Labor Organizing, Demonstrations, Strikes, Civil Disobedience, Gangs, Revolution).

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Thanks to the UTEP Women's Studies Dept. for some of these ideas.


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