Worth 5% of your final grade.

As part of your Website E-Portfolio, you will need to create and design a main homepage that will serve as the interface to access completed course assignments,

                      Provide some background on yourself and your major..

                      Create a summary of what will be covered in the rest of your website.

                      Create links to access your course assignments.

                      Provide a copyright and fair use statement.

Product Testing: In class, we will discuss what makes a good and bad homepage. Links will be provided to various online sites to facilitate discussion. Student samples will be discussed in class and functionality should be tested.


Website E-Portfolio

                      As an ongoing semester project, you will create, design and maintain a website that will serve as a semester portfolio. All assignments, essays, writing will be stored and linked. As assignments are completed, they will be uploaded. Students can add additional links and design it any way they wantówith stipulation that all semester's work be able to be found and accessed on this website.

Compose: The E-Portfolio will be an ongoing assignment. The portfolio should work in conjunction with the website so that students may continually upload assignments as part of the portfolio. Using MS SharePoint, FrontPage, or a compatible product, create a website on your UTEP webspace that represents how you understand and appreciate the theme of the course. The depth of the portfolio/website will reflect on you and your grade will reflect your level of participation.

Design: As you begin, make sure to save and collect all your materials you have completed this semester. The E-Portfolio will consist of completed assignments, i.e. papers, presentations, posters (work-ups), relevant in-class assignments, etc. In order for an assignment to successfully achieve portfolio status, it must have been graded and returned. Also, students must make any and all corrections to papers, assignments etc. prior to uploading; once students receive graded work that contains suggestions for improvement, the corrections must then be made before the assignment can be uploaded.

All E-Portfolio materials must comply with UTEP rules.  See http://www.admin.utep.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=41047 for details.

Design Plan:

            What typeface and colors will you use? Will you use graphics, pictures, and images?

            In what order will you arrange your ideas?

            How you will produce and test the website and functionality of all links?

            Where on your website will you post or make your assignments available?

Product Testing: You need to check your Web portfolio constantly in several different browsers.

Advocate: The E-Portfolio is designed to provide you a forum by which to showcase your accomplishments and breakthroughs throughout the semester so that you may understand how your connection to your future or current professional community begins in the classroom.

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