Sixteen Student Morale-Boosters


  1. Regular physical exercise and sports (participation rather than just watching).
  2. Absolute commitment to getting enough sleep most every night (not just on weekends).
  3. Identification with UTEP (shirts, license plates, stickers, fan regalia, etc.).
  4. Attendance at games, rallies, noontime events or to hear visiting speakers.
  5. Evenings out, eating once a week at a nice sit-down restaurant (if budget allows).
  6. Sex (depending on your own marital status and personal ethical / moral beliefs —be safe, and  always respect your own moral and personal limits!).
  7. Commitment to selected student clubs and community organizations as time allows.
  8. Attendance at selected campus events / films / concerts / plays / sports events when time is available.
  9. Off-campus groups, causes, events, political organizations, charities or volunteerism as time allows.
  10. An adult religious commitment (if you are a believer), or an increase in existing faith commitment if any.
  11. A serious life-inventory, to dump, reduce or put on hold any ongoing commitments, no matter how positive, that you cannot afford (in time or money) to keep up while at UTEP.
  12. Whole-hearted dedication to your own career or life goal (even if you know you may have to change it later), including going beyond your class assignments to read, learn and  make yourself an expert in your intended field.
  13. Exploring new foods, music, cultures, religious expressions and traditions, languages and literatures while at UTEP.
  14. Exploring new subjects of interest on your own in the UTEP library, online or with noncredit classes.
  15. Starting or continuing a hobby or personal interest (as time allows).
  16. Travel, especially university-sponsored trips, as time and money allows.


And some so-called morale-boosters to avoid (for obvious reasons): 

  1. Mood altering substances / alcoholism or dope / self medication / binge drinking.
  2. Becoming a "party animal."
  3. Promiscuity / "Sleeping around" / Violating your own sexual limits.
  4. “Shopping therapy.”
  5. Workaholism.
  6. The “Heart of Darkness” syndrome: I.e, “My parents and family aren’t here! There’s nobody here but strangers, and they don’t count, so at last I'm FREE to do ANYTHING I WANT TO DO!”


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