How to Start a Club or Organization at UTEP


Registration First of all, see the Guide to Student Involvement.

. Then:

        See New Organizations Registration at



How to Find an Advisor [You must have an advisor to qualify as an organization]

        Consider finding someone who has the same interests as the organization

        Remember to find a full-time UTEP Faculty/Staff member, no students

        Ask your professors if they would be interested in becoming an advisor, if not, ask them if they can suggest someone

        Ask your friends if they know of a faculty/staff member

        Select someone who can advise, attend meetings and functions

        Attend a Student Organization Advisor Board (SOAB) meeting to help identify potential advisors.

        Ask a Student Development Center Coordinator


Other Recommendations

        Attend Student Club and Organization Orientation at the beginning of every semester

        Join the Student Organization Advisory Board (SOAB) for key information regarding important deadlines and event information for clubs and organizations

        Ask students in your class and at other activities to join your organization

        For event planning assistance download a Student Activity Request form and an Event Planning & Resource Guide

        For more details you may consider looking at the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOPS) Section II (




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