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Which THREE of the following statements are closest to your thinking when you decide whether a given choice is right and wrong? (Chose only three—please be honest!): 

I usually know something is wrong mainly: 

  1. ... if it goes against something I was taught by my parents.
  2. ... if it makes me feel uncomfortable.
  3. ... if it might come back and harm me or my family..
  4. ... if there is real risk I could get caught and punished for it.
  5. ... if it goes against the law or the rules.
  6. ... if my friends will laugh at me if they find out.
  7. ... if it goes against the Bible or the Commandments.
  8. ... if everyone else around me thinks it is wrong.
  9. ... if it makes me go into debt. 
  10. ... if my family or friends would be ashamed if they knew.
  11. ... if it would make God angry.
  12. ... if it involves snitching or ratting out someone else.
  13. ... if it is boring, out of style, or just not fun.
  14. ... if it makes me look foolish or puts me in a bad light.
  15. ... if it restricts my freedom.
  16. ... if it is not loving or caring.
  17. ... if it violates universal moral principles.
  18. ... if it is out of control, rebellious or wild, and creates disorder.
  19. ... if it wastes more money than it gains.
  20. ... if it is weak, cowardly, dishonorable or chicken.
  21. ... if it is has to be kept secret.
  22. ... if it damages the environment.
  23. ... if it puts our country and its leaders in a bad light.
  24. ... if it is dirty, impure or sexually suggestive.
  25. ... if it increases taxes and big government.
  26. ... if it promotes war, conflict, fighting or hatred.

 Then, in a few sentences, explain why you chose these three items over the others.

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