Welcome Questionnaire--Fall, 2010

Please answer all questions (do not leave any blank)

Name _______________________________________________     Date________________

Preferred e-mail (please write clearly)____________________________________________________

1. How well do you read English?

       50% or less

2. How well do you speak English?
       50% or less

3. How well do you write English?

4a. What is your first or mother language? 


5. Why did you join UTEP?

6. This course demands a lot of reading, a lot of writing and a lot of thinking.  You can lose points for late assignments. Do you agree to complete all assignments (written, reading or other) on time?


7. For this course, you should expect 6 to 9 hours per week of homework (including reading, writing, studying and other tasks) each and every week throughout semester. Are you willing and ready to dedicate this amount of time to the course when necessary? 


8. What do you most want to learn in this course?


9. What other courses are you taking this semester (all)? 



10.  Are you happy to be enrolled in this course? 


11. What would you NOT like to have in this course?______________________________________
12. How many pages (college level) can you read per hour? (please estimate)

13a. What is the greatest risk factor that could cause you to drop or fail this course (or to drop out of UTEP altogether), and what are you doing to minimize or overcome this risk? 


13b. What is the best thing the Instructor can do to help you overcome this risk?  


 14.  How would you describe yourself as a student? (Please answer honestly.) 

I don't like having to take this class. I am here against my will. 
I'm not really interested in this class, but I agree to do the bare minimum necessary to pass. 
I'm not really interested in this class, but I am willing to do what's necessary to get an "A" and succeed in the course.

I am interested in this course and want to get the best grade I can, and learn everything I can in the class.


15: Please give your personal cell phone number and your personal e-mail address (other than your UTEP e-mail)

Cell phone number:___________________________________________________________


E-mail address:______________________________________________________________

15. Please write one paragraph about yourself, your live, your family, your personal interests and experiences, or anything else you want the instructor to know about . 

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For educational purposes only.


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