The Writing Process

Some experts break (analyze) down the process of writing (composition) into several different steps or stages. These steps usually include:

  1. Prewriting (deciding on a topic, brainstorming, invention).


  3. Drafting (doing a first or rough draft).

  4. Revising (rewriting, changing, or re-drafting the rough draft to make it closer to what you want to say)

  5. Revision (fixing problems in the form and content of the text, making the text say what YOU want it to say).


  7. Proofreading (checking over the grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. on your writing).


  8. "Publishing" (Producing the fair copy, getting it to the intended reader). 

Many high school level writers think that writing consists of only steps 2 and 5.  However, every one of the above steps are needed in almost ALL your college writing. And, you cannot expect to march in a straight line from 1 to 2, to 3, to 4, to 5, and to 6, and come out with a good final product. You almost always have to double back and re-do one or another step.  Never be afraid to rewrite. 

Writing that is done in a hurry is almost always bad writing.  Real writing is like true love--it takes time!  Do each of these steps slowly and carefully.

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