Fall, 2011

Owen M. Williamson, Instructor.

Final comprehensive exam:

Monday, Dec 5th 10:00 am 12:45 pm

Study Guide

Exam questions will be selected from the following question pool:

1. Write a plan of five actual, real things you can do in the coming semester to advance your knowledge base about your major or intended profession and to get closer to being the professional you want to be when you graduate. For example, you could start reading a professional journal in your field every week, join a student organization in your field, take a non-credit class in the field, join an online group in the field, etc.  Be very specific (i.e., what journal, organization or class?) Give yourself a deadline for accomplishing these tasks.

2. What are the three most important professional or scholarly journals in your own intended profession or hoped-for field of work?  Answer in one paragraph: Why should you be reading these journals already?

3. Discuss in one or two paragraphs: Why has cooking been traditionally considered "women's work?" Should this now change, and if so, why?  If it should not change, why not?

4. Describe in detail the rules for Muslim Ramadan fast.

5. Why, in your opinion, does the Bible say that Christians can drive out demons by "prayer and fasting?" What does not eating have to do with exorcism?  Give clear reasons for your opinion.

6. Some people allege that America's current obesity epidemic is connected with the fact that people eat out more and cook at home less.  Do you agree or disagree?  Why?

7. Some people allege that when Americans prepare and change traditional recipes from other countries this is mean and bad, because they are disrespecting, insulting and trashing those countries' sacred traditional foods and cuisines.  Do you agree or disagree? Why?

8. Some people allege that when Americans set up their popular fast food restaurants (McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc.) in other countries they are attacking, displacing and destroying those countries' own cultures and traditions and hurting the people of those countries. Do you agree or disagree?  Why?

9. How is border or Tex-Mex Mexican food different from food from the Mexican interior?  Give three different factors that are different--be very specific, not general like "Tex-Mex food is more tasty."

10. Write a two-paragraph review of the very best (or the very worst) restaurant or food service meal you have eaten since you entered college.

11. In some areas of some countries, eating out at a restaurant or cafe is considered as shameful as going to a prostitute.  In one or two paragraphs, persuade a person of that culture that going to a restaurant is OK.

12. Write a quick recipe for one of your favorite dishes. The dish must be cooked, and must include at least five different ingredients. Include the ingredients, quantities, cooking and serving instructions, with total estimated preparation time.

13. Many people say that food is basically fuel for the body, and that paying too much attention to food, food preparation, food taste, and eating food is actually a grave mortal sin or seriously perverted. In your opinion, how much attention to food is too much?  Why? (Be very specific--do not just answer "thinking about it all the time is too much" or similar.)

14. UTEP requires many "core courses" to get a degree, courses that are not related to one's major. In two paragraphs, answer:  A. How would college be different if they did not require these "core courses?"  B. Defend this requirement against those who would say "I came here to become a nurse, or a coach, or an engineer, or a law enforcement agent, so I shouldn't have to take all these courses that have nothing to do with my major!"

15. The Entering Student Program requires students in UNIV 1301 to report on a student organization and on campus events. Defend this requirement against those who would say "I go to my classes and study and get 'A's.' That's what college is for, so why do I have to waste my time going to events and attending dumb student organization meetings? I don't have time for that stuff!"

16.The U.S. and world economies are very bad right now, the worst in generations, and it looks like there is no prospect for radical improvement in the next three or four years. When you graduate three or four years from now what extra-special "plus" do you plan to offer a prospective employer or grad school that will get you selected over all the other hundred unemployed college graduates who are competing for that single opening?  Be very specific (do not give empty answers like "a positive attitude," "a willingness to learn," or similar). If you do not expect to have anything special to offer, how do you expect to get hired for any job or to get into grad or professional school? (Do not answer "I don't know.") 

17. Do you think college professors should A. Quietly drop any first-year students who miss too many classes and wipe their record clean?  B. Wait until the end of the semester, fail those students, and make them take an "F" on their permanent record?  C. Not worry about student attendance at all just as long as the student turns in all the assignments and passes the Final?   Defend your opinion with clear reasons.

18. Name and define the three main modes of persuasion in rhetoric. Briefly explain how each applies to food rhetoric.

19. Describe the major features of either Korean or Thai cuisine (choose one). How is it different from Chinese cuisine? How is it alike?

20. Respond in one or two paragraphs to a student who says "I don't want my professors texting me or messaging me on Facebook. I go to college but I don't want it to become my entire LIFE! When I go home with my family or if I'm having fun with my friends I don't even want to think about college."

21. Describe the major features of Alabama seafood cuisine. How is it different from Texas seafood cuisine? How is it alike?

22. Describe three of the most effective things that professors could do to keep students from "pulling the vanishing act" in their classes during the semester.

23. A majority of students in this class report at least one risk factor for eating disorders. Answer in two paragraphs: Why do you think this is? What is the best way for students to avoid this risk?  

24. Respond in one paragraph to a fellow student who tells you "College is for FUN!  I'll start thinking about getting a career once I'm a senior.  Right now I don't even want to think about that!"

25. In one or two paragraphs, persuade a "very picky eater" to try the cuisine that your group studied for your Collective Project.

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